Sunday, June 28, 2009

Birthday Celebration a Success!

Wow, what a weekend! A record 14 trophies were won yesterday in two massive contests. Pictured above are the winners of the Combat Patrol Tournament we ran. 12 brave souls played a total of 60 games in a clash of 400 "patrols". Much fun was had, and Legio kudos go out to Peter for his victory and well deserved Purity Seal!

In addition, we also ran our first ever painting contest, Golden Kris 2009. I went ahead and put together a little montage and posted it on YouTube- scroll down below and watch it right here on the Legio Malaysia site. Otherwise, you can follow the link below:

Congratulations to Dann for his Golden Kris winning Avatar- your trophy and Purity Seal are well deserved. Also congrats go out to Khairul E. for winning the "People's Choice" award for his fantastic rendition of Eldrad Ulthran. Well done to the both of you!

If you missed it, all I can say is that we had a blast, and that you should definitely come next year!




  1. It was an awesome event! Kudos again to both Jeff's amazing work to organize this.

    Same to Azlan for his fun combat patrol scenarios!

    And thanks to Chang for the BBQ!

    Oh yea, just noticed in the picture. The 3 of us look like the bloody traffic light of LEGIO. lolz

  2. congrats to all the awardees. and well done to the organizers. i had fun.

  3. Congrats guys! i'm really glad you guys had fun ... happy birthday Legio!

  4. Haha, after seeing the standards at Legio, now I'm motivated to make more awesome pieces for the next round! I will wanna play too next time, hopefully I have transport...

  5. Had a blast at the birthday bash!

    Good to meet fellow gamers and being the latest member of Legio Malaysia :)

    Next time there's an event I'll need to take the day off and Alvin, I'll give you a ride to Legio.

  6. woooo hooo legio!!!

    next legio b'day bash me n khairul will get us a unique legio birthday cake made!!!

    (sponsored by khairul of course)

    awesome vid too by the boss!!! gotta love the soundtrack Jeff

    awesome fun ya'll

    ps: and joe yea lol...traffic light...

  7. that was one cool event n a cool vid too! da song..i watched it three times in a had an awesome day with all legio members!thanx guys!

  8. was an awesome day, totally enjoyed it! great scenarios, great games, great fun!
    kudos to jeff and azlan for such a monumental occassion! i look fwd to next year's bash!

  9. huaaa..I missed it! Nevermind, next year I'll win them all (keep dreamin' all the way)..huahahaha..

    COOL VIDEO by the way..

    and over the past weekend, I've unconsciously introduced Legio Malaysia to the Indonesian community & Malaysian gamers in Indonesia..

  10. Had a great time!!! Congratulations to all Combat Patrol and Golden Kris winners. My most sincere appreciation to all who voted for Eldrad as the People's Choice Award. I wish i could say that i had 'forseen' it but it was probably the choc and orange muffins hehehehe lol.

    Joe : your bases are superb man!!!!
    Eldar Dan : we need to start winnning combat tourneys bro!!!

    Till next year, thanks to all who made it possible. Cake on me next year.

  11. Those orange muffins were awesome! I think I ate six of them lol.

    It was a great inaugural event, and I'm expecting even better things when we do our 2nd birthday bash...!

  12. Gundoff da Grey had a great time piling up patrol bodies! Excellent event! Loved the paint jobs. I'm inspired to enter the Golden Kris next year myself!

    Time to invest in a forgeworld base LOL

  13. Happy birthday Legio, and was glad to be there, even if it was just to see the Combat Patrols and the cool contest entries...


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