Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hobby Night Tomorrow!

With the upcoming Warhammer tournament, I'm guessing we'll have some folks show up with their WFB armies for much needed practice. I've gotten indications from the Penang and Singapore crowds that they will be sending people to compete, so I'm urging all of the Legion's Warhammer players to practice, practice, practice!

Personally, I have some painting to do tomorrow, so I invite anyone who wants to get some brush work done to join me. I have a new project I want to get started on, and I also want to get some work done on an Unclean model I'm trying to get finished.

For your planning, please note that there will be no Hobby Night on July 17th. I'll be in New Zealand for some Battlefront meetings, so we'll obviously not be opening that day. However, we will be back in action on the 24th so no worries there. As always, I strongly urge all Legionnaires to regularly check the "Wargaming Events" calendar at the bottom of this blog. It has up to date info for all of our scheduled activities and events.

That's about it for this post- take it easy, and I'll see you tomorrow!


  1. Apparently a normal Space Marine Captain in WHF rules can down a Fantasy Bloodthirster. I think I heard that... 3 years ago lol...

    Cant wait to see some fantasy people playing! I'll come with my proxied world eaters to give it a try...

  2. Probably I'll join Jeff on painting..actually i wanna try out my new IG Cadians if time permits..

  3. @Faizal- that's cool, dude. I want to work on a Chaos test model, a Space Marine test model, AND I want to try assembling an MDF cityfight building. Hobby, hobby, hobby!

  4. Medium Density Fiberboard- it goes by other names like masonite, hardboard, etc. It's the stuff that's on the bottom of all the Legio hills, and makes up the bases of our forest templates.

  5. Not sure if I can make it tonight, will have to call around to see if anyone is going.

  6. Saw the terrain building... That is BEAUTIFUL, I tell you... And so cheap to produce!

    I say all level 2 members should get some of those pre-cut MDF thingies and we'll assemble them then bring it back to Legio for painting. If every week an average of 5 people do the terrain, in a month 20 pieces of brilliant city terrain would have been built, more than enough for 2 tables dense with city terrain for cityfight!

    Also, you guys should check out BoLS, GW has advance orders on their campaign styled addon much like Fantasy. A Legio campaign would be awesome!

  7. damn, i so wanted to see them buildings ... next hobby nite then!

  8. The Legion will need to buy more MDF, but that shouldn't be a problem...


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