Monday, July 6, 2009

Registration has begun for Warhammer tournament

Hola folks!

July has begun, and with it registration for our upcoming Warhammer "Fantasy" tournament. The number of slots for this inaugural tournament is limited, so those wanting to play are strongly encouraged to get their registrations in.

Registration for this tournament ends on Friday, July 17th. Any registrations taken after this point may not receive the free tshirt, and will be only allowed on a first come, first served basis. Therefore, we ask that everyone who wishes to compete and get a free tshirt to register ASAP.

We've also had our first rules pack related question- which I'll answer here...

Can we use Special Characters from sources like Citadel Journal or White Dwarf?

No, I'm afraid not folks. We're only allowing selections from the army books, such as Malekith, Balthasar Gelt, etc. We're trying to keep things simple for this first Warhammer tournament. Who knows, maybe next time...?

Any other questions, please email us or feel free to post a comment to this thread. We're happy to get you sorted out!



  1. Hmmmm, I hope I can learn enough to at least play a game before 17th. Would be silly to embarass myself by not remembering the basic rules :P

  2. Gosh, totally neglected my Fantasy armies. Got to start speed painting again! arghhh... lolz

  3. As usual, knowing my arse luck, I cannot make it.
    Hey Jeff amke sure you organize some good games in August Sept Oct.
    Sure miss rolling them dices.

  4. I'm in!have to remember to register before the 17th


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