Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Final Registration Drive

Our Warhammer tournament needs YOU!

Thus far we've only had THREE signups from Malaysians, while a whopping TEN Singaporeans are coming up for this thing. I know there are more Warhammer gamers out there who said they would come to this August 1st tournament, and we need you guys to blow the dust off your Warhammer armies and sign up!

We want to make this a regular fixture on the Legio Malaysia calendar, and the Warhammer community in Singapore is interested in the idea of hosting another tournament sometime soon down there for us to visit. I'd love to do this!

So, instead of thinking of reasons NOT to go, get your army and sign up! We'd love to fill this tournament up, and we're even going to delay ordering the tshirts so everyone can get a chance to blag a free one. If you're interested and have not yet signed up, post here!


  1. Wish I had a Fantasy army in the first place... I'd love to join if I had... Come on, guys! Legio uber alles!

  2. I have invited Sabahfreak. He shows interest in it and will try and submit the list by today.

    Too bad he learn about this too late (i thought he knew already). Else he could have bring more Sabahan to join. They have quite a large WFB crowd over there.

  3. I really couldn't join the tourney, so sorry..jeff, if you need help for the tourney just say so..that's the least I could do..

  4. I think Sabahfreak emailed me a list, but he didn't get me the rest of the info we're looking for to confirm his registration and get his shirt size. He hasn't responded to my email, so if someone could get him to email me back that'd be great :)

    @Vuel- no worries dude. It's going to be fine, and you're welcome to turn up and hang out if you like tourney day...

  5. I'm looking forward to see the armies arrayed in all their glory come Saturday ...


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