Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Kindred registration update

Greetings all.

Just a friendly reminder that registration for Kindred is still open. We are only taking 20 teams and currently there is still 10 places still available. If you register before 12th Feb, which is one month from today, then you will also get a Kindred T-shirt. You can still register after 12th Feb subject to availability but you will not get a t-shirt. Registration here means paid registration.

Please also be reminded that you must submit your final list by 12th Feb.

The partnerships so far are;

1. Azlan & Jeff
2. Andy & Juan
3. Rizal & Subhan
4. Faizal & Iqbal
5. Iskazri & Shazli
6. Eric & Kuok
7. Emil & Shaz
8. Martin & Vinder
9. Alvin & Joe
10. Dann & Ivan

Thank you guys for your support. Really appreciate it.

How's your army coming? Kindred is a hobby tournament in case you've forgotten :)



  1. Joe and I plan to test play our Kindred list in the next hobby night, anyone up for it?

  2. i would but i have sports obligation i have to attend to so it looks like i wont even b able to make the tournement

  3. Due to unforeseen circumstances, me & Faizal may have to pull out from the tourney. Crossing our fingers.

    If worse comes to worst, I might be available if there's anyone who doesn't have a partner yet.

  4. @iqbal, i'm sorry dude, orders just came tru, i'll be leaving for bangkok 1st march

  5. If you and Khairul have to go off to Bangkok, I think you guys need to start Legio Thailand! ;)

  6. @faizal- Wow bro...you're going sooner than me :(

    @iqbal- need to find a new partner then.

  7. will remain a free agent till I found one then..

    that means as of this moment, my Kindred project will be put on 'Suspended' mode..

  8. Interested but will need a partner...any1?


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