Saturday, January 30, 2010

What a Lot of Dice Fiends!

Last nite's Hobby Nite was a dice fest of sorts. I was lucky to come early enough to put some extra detail onto the Sextons (Decals, extra weathering, and hand painted the regiment numbers. My advice for next time - don't do it! very tiny), and paint the crew (which I had forgotten about).

Subhan was earlier though, and was patiently waiting at the gate when I rolled in. The reason for his excitement was revealed when he took out his brand-new pre-owned 40k army - and spent the entire Hobby Nite learning how to use it in a couple of games. Kong was early too, and we had some good shop talk while I was killing my eyes painting tiny 6's on the 15mm scale British SPGs, before his Infinity games took off.

Dok Selvam, Faizal, Joe, Alvin, Iz were hot on the 40k tables, and I found that my IG were the only defenders of the Imperium last nite. Too many xenos, heretics and traitors! I should note that Iz also brought his FoW Germans, but I did not bring my FoW Brits, so it was 40k all the way for the both of us.
We had some first time visitors - Mr Chaos and Macxell dropped in to check out the Legio. Hope to see you guys at future hobby nites.

Anyways, the dice rolling was furious indeed. I only got in a couple of hours of painting before Faizal's Chaos lured me to the table. I hadn't touched any of my 40k armies in a while, and it was loads of fun.
Hobby Nite ended later than usual last nite, and I did not realize the time until the guys suggested a mamak run. I looked at the watch, and suddenly felt tired. Tired, but totally happy! Can't wait for next Hobby Nite!


  1. I totally was as usual an awesome night. I had a game with My Orks against Subhan's Necrons which ended up in a draw. Then, against the Master of the Waaaagh, Iz. Orks against Orks. Ghazghkull against Mad Dok. Well, words cannot describe the carnage left behind by the Orks. Blood and gore everywhere.
    I am also eagerly waiting for my trukks from Alvin. I have to prepare for the S'pore Con.....hee hee hee. Looks like the only event that I could go to this year.

  2. Insane! The Orks were rampaging everywhere! What load of fun.

    We get to see some exciting stuff happening on the tables too. Haha.

  3. totally awesomeee...thnxs to doc and azlan,that was alot of funn..i lurvv hobby nite.,cant wait for da next...hahaha..

  4. Soon... Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom....

  5. What??? Macxell, don't tell me you're going the nid way??

    I'm the Chinese Ork player that night anyway. (since there was 3 of us Orky guys.)

    Either way, do ask any of us if you need help with nids.

    Go join the Legio Facebook site too!

  6. secrets starting to unveil at this hobby nite..

  7. Sounds like a lot went on last Hobby Night- very cool! :)

  8. Great that you guys had lots of fun. that i missed it :(

    Well...something i'll have to get start getting used to. Bummer....


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