Monday, January 18, 2010

Production Line, Legio Style

Last Hobby Nite was an amazing feat of arms (or glue, snips and airbrush, if you may). In the space of a few hours, the Market Garden team (Jeff, Shazli, Ivan, Khairul, Iqbal and me) assembled 5 tanks, 3 tank destroyers, 4 SP guns, 5 halftracks, 5 AA guns (and based), 3 large artillery pieces; cleaned and based 37 infantry; primed the tanks, TDs, SPGs and halftracks, plus 2 trucks, a jeep and a universal carrier; and basecoated the TDs, SPGs and halftracks. Not bad at all!

And while the forges were burning and the airbrushes spraying, Legio was alive with howls of the vanquished and the pomp of the victors as dicing action hit the tables at the usual frantic pace of your typical Hobby Nite. There was 40k and Fantasy action going on with some interesting armies. I got to watch some of it, and it did look bloody indeed.

Hobby Nite is truly the highlight of my week! Just amazing!


  1. That was a lot of fun, and we got a lot done. I'm looking forward to this Friday's Market Garden work as well!

  2. Yeah it was fun nite. This was my actual first time working at the hobby tables during Hobby Nite and my first group build.

    Wish i could've arrived earlier though. Seeing and opening all those new boxes of FOW would've been more fun!!! LOL

  3. I took too long undercoating those models last week..should be slightly careless on doing them next week..

  4. I am sorry that I couldn't be much help.
    My hands were itching for some dice rolling action after a long-long time, that I couldn't bear sitting down with FOW's again.(was already fixing up my Sikh Regiment).
    Come Firday, I will be test playing my 40k Orks.

  5. lol ... most other people go out to see and just miss the fact that there aren't women around ... you miss the fact that there's no dice to roll

  6. It was fun. To be able to play fantasy once in a while. Thanks very much Doc.


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