Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hail Victors of Kindred!!!

Last Saturday, 3 months after its initial announcement, we held our Kindred Doubles 40K tournament. We had 10 teams participating which meant we had 20 players in all bleeding for each other for the 4 major awards up for grabs.

This was our first event using the Legio Hobby Tournament format where the emphasis was on the hobby aspect of the game and its was nice to see everyone turn up with their best painted army. There were many armies that were painted really nice. In fact all models were fully painted and based as per the format spirit. Huzzah!!! My hats off to all of the participants for your support on this. I know many of you spent some restless nites up to the event getting your armies finished. Well done guys.

This was also our first doubles event. And from what i witnessed yesterday, we should really have another one or at least make it an annual event. It was so much fun seeing all the planning, scheming, friendly arguments as the teams decided on how best to defeat their opponents.

After much cheers of joy, howls of pain and overall good fun from everyone, it is my honor to announce the Victors of Kinderd.

Team Hobby Champion : Azlan Ramli & Jeff Brooks
Fielding a themed Hive world citizen army lead by a Sisters detachment, these guys truly deserved this award. There were just so many things that were done in the spirit of the hobby competition to mention, from the matching custom built bases, paint scheme, objective markers etc. I'll arrange for it to get displayed at Legio for all of you who didn't get a chance to see it in its full glory. So Azlan and Jeff, that Purity Seal and Team Hobby Champion Award comes with a price. It must be displyed at Legio to inspire future hobbyist. Well done guys!!!!

Best Generals : Avin Khaw & Koh Joe Soon
Fielding a fierce allegiance of Khorne choas space marines and rampaging Orks, they slew all those who stood before them with such impunity that after 3 rounds they were the clear winner by 9 points over the second team! The highlight had to be the final game where they toyed around with a ravaging tyranids force before finally showing who the bosses of the battlefields were. It was a brutal game. Down to the last creature each, which I'm sure was part of their plan ;) Congratulations guys. Truly deserving!!!!

People's Choice : Dann Toh & Ivan Ng
Fielding a tyranids force full of scary monsters, their models were easily among the best, if not the best, painted army for Kindred. It was no surprise that they were voted by their peers as the People's Choice. Not only were their tabletop appearance way above the rest but their tactics were also sound. They were in contention for Best General meeting Alvin and Joe's army in the final round. Awesome job guys!!!!

Best Sportsmanship : Christopher Ong & Johnny Tai
I have a personal belief that Best Sportsmanship is the ultimate prize in any event. It is my personal grail which i hope to get one day. It is the acknowledgment of your peers that you are an awesome ambassador of the game. That whatever happened during the rounds, you were great and fun to play against. And Christoper and Johnny gave me a glimpse of this by being the only team to get a perfect score of 9! How awesome is that! And this is the first time they entered a Legio tournament! My utmost respect to both of you! Hope to see you at future Legio events.

I'm quite sure everyone had an all round good time taking part in Kindred. Hopefully as much fun as Arzmi and me had in organizing the event. As some of you already know, this is the first time we've ever organized a hobby event and let me say that the 'journey' was amazing.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank two outstanding guys.

1. Jeff - for believing and giving us the chance to actually run the event. We couldn't have done it without your advise, input and assistance. Thank you so much dude. The experience was.....priceless. I hope we have kept the standard of what a Legio tournament event experience is. I hope we have made Legio proud.

2. My brother Arzmi - for being crazy enough to agree to organize the tournament with me. We did it bro!!! All my love to you!!! Another one?? .......... let's take a rest first hehe.

And finally, to all those who took part in Kindred. Thank you Sirs for your kind support. I truly wish you had an overall fun and good time yesterday. Hope to see you again at a future Legio event.

Cheers all.

Terima kasih banyak-banyak.

Ave Legio.


  1. Can I say that this is the best event ever?

    It was great! I can't wait to join it again, this time, I'll be gunning for the Purity Seal! :D

    Congratulations to Jeff and Azlan for being the Team Hobby Champions! Congratulations to the rest of the other guys who won the awards too!

  2. you've kept the standard of Legio?..for all I know, you set the level so high already..

    Congratulations to all, expecially to Azlan & Jeff, and of course Khairul & Arzmi. Let's do this again!

  3. Pictures! Pictures! Those of us on distant shores demand pictures!

    Congrats Jeff & Lan

  4. We had lots of cameras taking shots. As the tourney grot I used Khairul's camera and (later on when that wasn't available) my phone's camera to get as many shots as possible. I've left my phone to PC cable at work, so I can only get my phone shots up tomorrow. Iqbal also took high quality shots of all the armies on display, and that should be a great set of photos when it's up.

  5. My first tournament and it was awesome. Congratulations and a big hand to the organizers, winners and participants. It was awesome and it set the level of tournament at Legio. It's gonna be hard to keep with your level :)

    Never in my wildest dreams did I even think I had a chance at the People's Choice Award. Seeing that Dann was my partner, I had the uphill task of making my army look half as good as his come Kindred. After all he did win the Golden Kris with his Avatar last June. Think it was Dann that got us the award.

    I had to get used to competitive gaming but it was great thanks to Hive Master Dann and his guidance. Simple orders actually, deploy here and just sweep only. Have to admit, them CC warriors performed deadly. Dann's Tervigon was marvelous but the Mawloc had mix results.

    I really can't wait for the next tournament and for all the pics to be uploaded :)


  6. I quote Saleem: Pictures! Pictures!


  7. Great FUN! Hat's off to both Jeff and Lan! They definitely deserved the HOBBY CHAMPION title with their dedication and sleepless nights. I think they even considered camping at Legio for the night to finish up their kindred armies the night before the event. :)

    To Khairul and Arzmi! Damn you for giving out vehicle status tokens. Now my fancy gaming aids no longer special.... :(
    That I hate you.

    And totally love you two for the greatest event of the year (to date). Thinking of doubles for Fantasy. So will need some advice from you two bros. :)

  8. Wow!!! is the words i choose for this event... it was great fun, thanks to khairul & arzmi. Not forgetting jeff for providing the players with a superb vanue for our events.

    Kindred was a very special tournament, giving us the opportunity to play with 2 heads instead of one. I fully support you guys if there is going to be a kindred 2.

    Also congrat to Azlan & jeff for being the tournament champion. Also to all the other winner.. Congats!!!.

    and most of all... where are the PICTURE..... we need PICTURE.

  9. Thanks for the kind words Joe.

    Great that you're thinking of organizing doubles fantasy! We can meet this hobby nite to sketch out some details.

    I would definitely join if it happens. Go for it!!

  10. Thanks Syameal. I know that you guys struggled in that 1st game till your 'Kindred' decided to enter the battlefield hehehe. That's what u get for dealing with demons :)

  11. Well done guys! I am sure it would have been a great day for all of you(even for the non-winners). Well, who the hell goes to Legio just to win?
    Everyone I know, who goes there for the pure fun of it.
    @Khairul and Arzmi- As a wise man once said " Katah il trub, beil tu brub".
    Translated- 'Women with skirts up, run faster than men with pants down'.
    I don't know how this message is going to help in this topic here but I hope you get the message.

  12. Kindred was a blast! I have played in many tournaments, and this is easily one of the best I've had the pleasure to be part of. Congratulations Khairul & Arzmi. And congrats all around for The Canoness, Madame Brooks, as well as everyone who helped make Kindred the great event it was. Totally looking forward to the next one.

  13. I just posted a recap of the event (from the Necromundan Crusade perspective, of course...) on my blog:

    There's some pics on there as well.

    Awesome, awesome event! Well done Khairul and Arzmi- we had a blast!

  14. wow so much love

    thanks to all those sexy people who supported and enjoyed the tourney

    really, kindred was a success because all of you

    @doc: what do you mean by 'non-winners'? everyone won something bro, no one goes empty handed !! every participant received a kindred shirt, almost 20 tokens and an award !! Shazli even won the awesome grot award yo ! wished you were there bro.

    think i'll ask kahirul to recap the other awards by standings and a little comment hehe. thanks bro.

  15. More tourneys! More tourneys! It was a damn great event! Truly the most fun tournament I had so far, good job to the admins for planning the whole event. ANd I love the terrain u guys made, good job! Hopefully the next one will be pretty soon! >D

  16. @ Arzmi- Yup I really wished I was there. Missed out on all the fun.
    Guys you should start a thread about the 40K Combat Patrol happening in Pg on the 20th Mac. Lets rally our forces and march(drive) to Penang and to victoryyyyy!!!.

  17. @Johnny- thanks for the compliments. Am glad you had a fun time. Please drop by during hobby nights. Next tourney is already in the planning stage :)

  18. good stuff. good tourney. good partner. good company. i look forward to your next effort, Khauirul & Arzmi!

  19. PS: I just opened my toolbox and found a yellow meauring tape with the name 'Niceman' on its side which doesn't belong to me. Maybe soebody accidentally misplaced it? Anybody missing a yellow measuring tape?

    Anyway I'll hang on to it n pass it to Legio this Friday. Cheers

  20. well since you are try to return the thing you found.. im looking for something i lost.. has anyone seen a black legio dice. i lost 1. at most anyone should have only 10.

  21. congrats guys, and well done to the brothers who organized this event, way to go arzmi and khairul!

    Hats off to all the other winners too!Good job Jeff & azlan for the purity seal!

    wished i was with you guys (sigh). here's hoping I'll make it for the next one :)

  22. Sorry guys, unable to post pics and update my blog..something wrong with the connection here..will keep trying though..

  23. @Doc- LMAO there already is a thread on the blog for the CP Gameforge tourney...

    Many thanks everyone for the congrats- Azlan and I had a lot of fun making that army.

    Please note that a new section has been created on the blog: "Legio Photo Album". It's on the right margin towards the top of the page. All of the photos Khairul took have been added to this album. If you have more and want to contribute, please get in touch with Khairul so he can get the pics from you....

  24. My first post in Legio. Cheers to everyone, been busy with many things on my end as usual, one of them trying to get past Streamyx's non-access problem. In the end, I had to do this from the office! Here are some pix from the event. Only 100+ peeps, I was a participating so it obviously limited my photog time as opposed to the last one. Here's the link, cheerz!

  25. That's a ton of great photos- many thanks for taking them!

  26. Wow those are nice pictures!! You have to teach me how to do them bro. Mine is so amateurish :(.

    Thank you for taking those pics. Hope you had fun participating in Kindred.

  27. Congrats to all of Legio for a great Kindred!


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