Thursday, March 25, 2010

RSVP Thread - Fun Aplenty

It's that time of the week again guys. Hobby night is tomorrow and what a night it is going to be!!

First of, we have the premiere of Battlefleet Gothic at Legio! Woohooo!!! So to all you retired Admirals out there, take that dress uniform out of the closet, dust those vessels and come join us in brutal space vessel combat. If you haven't played the game before (l
ike myself) but would like to see how the game plays please also join us. The more the merrier they say.

Warhammer fantasy will also have a strong showing. Alvin and Doc are having an introductory game. To all you budding generals waiting to start, tomorrow is the best time to drop in and learn how its played. Warhammer expert, Mr. Joe will be around to show you the ropes.

Of course there'll be 40K mayhem to be had. I'll bring my Battle Mission book if anyone is up to give it a go. Gonna be lots of fun.

So whose coming?


  1. I'll be there for sure, maybe I'll be quite early, depends on my friend. I'll RSVP for him if he confirms that he wants to come for Hobby Night!

    Hope I can get more Fantasy games tomorrow night!

  2. Gunnery, prepare to unleash the lord emperor's wrath on yon scummy traitor vessels! Avast thrusters! Coxswain, steady as she goes! Augurist, lock us on! Give em hell, ye scum covered servants of the light! Give em hell!

  3. i should be there.. put me in.

  4. ahhhhhhhhh the one night i need to go to legio to learn bout fanatsy i cant. curse my ability not bein able to drive.

    @alvin if i come to ur shop on sunday could u teach me

  5. Any one can teach me BG?
    How many points do you need to start a descent game?

  6. Doc, we're starting at 1000 points. I'll bring the rulebook and vessel registry tomorrow. There's vessels for Dark eldar and orcs :)

  7. Cieran, maybe, if we have other people bringing Fantasy armies on Sunday.

    Doc, remember to bring the rulebook please, I didn't buy the book as I heard the 8th edition is coming out soon.

  8. i'll be there, with peter in tow. gonna have some fantasy games...

  9. I'm there. Will be late though!

  10. Khairul, thanks for posting this thread. My Chaos fleet will be ready by the time you arrive methinks...

  11. I'll be there with my Skaven army.
    Doc, wanna have a 2k battle after your Fantasy tutorial with Alvin? :)

  12. No worries Jeff. Duty above all. Looks like we're gonna have a grand bfg and fantasy nite today :)

    @Joe- thanks for coming. Mentioned your name without even confirming with you. Apologies man. Looks like fantasy will be big tonite. Is,Peter,Doc and you should be the senior fantasy guys to show the others the ropes.


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