Wednesday, March 3, 2010

THIS is How to Promote an Event!

This link came across my desk this morning, and it's absolutely brilliant. Admittedly, Legio Malaysia hasn't done the best job we could have in promoting our events in the past. Khairul and Arzmi definitely took it to the next level with Kindred, getting posters out in shops, and incessantly chatting it up.

Here's the next level...

So, is it just me, or do you guys think this is an absolutely awesome way to promote a wargames event...? :)


  1. Awesome.. simply awesome.

    We all know there's a lot of talent among you guys at Legio. Dont wait, just do it :)

  2. Man.....that vid is so COOOOOOLLLL!!!!

  3. hahaha cute! man, if we do one we can't use the Hitler clip anymore :D

  4. I loved the part where he mentioned abt having just bought space wolves but not enough termies. So you space wolves guys are in good company hehehe

  5. I love the concept but i totaly didn't like the Hitler subtitling over again..

    I think its a joke that overused.. and its slowly becoming stale..

    Lol Promote kindred with Dawn of War machinma


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