Thursday, March 11, 2010

RSVP... Up Next, Penang! SPORE 40K News

Howdy folks!

First off, as usual, please post here your intention to come to tomorrow's Hobby Night. You can also email your RSVP to Legio Malaysia (email link off in the right margin of the page). Please do not SMS or call in your RSVP- it's easier for all the club officers to manage it from the two previously mentioned methods. We appreciate it.

Now that Kindred is all done, it's time to look forward on our events calendar and highlight some upcoming events:

Next Saturday, March 20th, Gameforge in Penang is holding a 40K "Combat Patrol" tournament, closely modeled on the one we ran last year during our Birthday Celebration. At this point I think they have filled all the available slots, but they may be taking people on a reserve list. Email them for more details.

We have some updates from PI for the 40K tournament being held at SPORE 2010 on June 5th/6th. It's a 1000 point doubles tournament- here's what we know thus far:

- Each of you have 1000pts to select your armies.
- Each army must have 1 HQ and 2 Troops, the rest is up to you!
- However, both of you are still sharing a single Force Organisation Chart, hence both of you cannot have more than 3 Heavy Support units or 3 Fast Attack units, for example.
- Special Characters are allowed! However, cloning is not tolerated, so no duplicate unique Special Characters are allowed.
- A couple of notes more: An army's special rules will not affect the allied army. (for example, fielding Vulkan He'stan will not allow your allies' flamers and melta weapons to become twin-linked!).
- There are no restrictions as to which armies can forge alliances with each other, however, there is a bonus that's awarded to teams that follow a theme, and part of the criteria is the feasibility of the alliance.

Don't forget about point #2 when designing your lists- this rule is a bit of a departure from what I've personally seen in past doubles tournaments. You need to work closely with your partner to make sure everything adds up. As we get more details we'll definitely post them up.

We're going to try and finalize the list of activities this week for the Legio 2010 Birthday Bash being held on Saturday, June 26th. This will include complete rules for the annual Golden Kris Painting Competition, so stay tuned!


  1. I'll be coming. I'll be available for anyone that needs a quick tutorial on WFB. ;-)

  2. I'll be there, can't wait to get the Forge World stuff!

  3. Sorry guys. Got a dinner function that I need to attend to. Have fun rolling dice :)

  4. I can't come..see you guys in Penang then ;)

  5. I'll be around. Have a game of combat patrol planned with Jeff. Also there might be a bfg intro game. Other than that, I'll take up Joe's offer.

  6. I'm coming tonite, goin to limit myself to some hobby goodness..since I'v packed all my armies for bkk.

  7. Faizal's coming- huzzah! :)

    I'm going to try and finish building and painting my FT Attack Bike tonight. If by some miracle I get that done, I'll keep painting Assault Marines...

  8. @khun Faizal- we can start making our 2k list for Sporecon. We'll fly down and wave when we see these guys in the automobile convoy.

  9. rsvp with marines head,,will be arriving from d warp early,,ill promise u blood n goreeee on legio tonite,,,,muahahaha

  10. Yeah Iam in..wanna test out a army build.

  11. i should be there tonight, sporting a 1250pts nid army (sorry ar, 500pts still awaiting arrival from out-galaxy). Anyone wanna test them out? Need to cut your army by 500pts

  12. Sorry.. There been change of plans and now i cant make it to legio..

    I gotta stop this habit of RSVPing and not showing up..

  13. Hey Redeye, no worries. At least you took the trouble to inform us that you're not coming. Really appreciate it. Better luck next hobby nite huh :)

  14. I am on for Penang this coming weekend. How is arrangements for the transportation and accommodation?


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