Saturday, August 21, 2010

Cool Store in KK

I was in KK earlier in the week on a business trip, and managed to squeeze in a bit of time to drop by Just Wargame, the store owned by the 2010 Golden Kris winner - and I'm glad I did!

It's a real comfy place just one floor up in a strip-mall with an Old Town downstairs, lots of other makan places around and shopping mall next door.
As you enter, stock is arranged on racks to the right and currently it's all 40k and Fantasy.

There's plenty of space in the store, and 6 tables were already set-up with terrain, and the always-handy fridge stocked with all manner of liquid refreshment (none of the Paulaner variety). There's a couple of tables for painting and modeling, and there were a few cool-looking terrain projects in progress.

In fact, the ample space is really attractive. The place can easily - comfortably - have 10 tables and still have spare room. Which prompted my next question - does Just Wargame plan to have any tournaments in the near future? And the answer is a yes! I don't have details yet, but it will be on December 4th and 5th. We'll post up details once we get them.

Anyways, if you are ever in KK, go check out the store at B1-3, Lot 9, 1st Floor, Blk B, Karamunsing Capital, KK. phone: 010-9510187. email:


  1. Wow that is a nice set-up!! Nice gaming tables and spacious. And looks clean hahaha. How's their stock level jeff?

    Legio should really send a rep when they organize their tourney :) Will just be like our trip up north that time hahaha

  2. LOL I have no idea Khairul- I've never been there! ;) I think they do though.

  3. Ohh crap. That was meant for Lan. Sorry guys, wrong typo.

  4. Its a great place to hang out even if you're not there for gaming. I often drop by during the weekends to get inspiration to upgrade my costumes. I'm still procrastinating on collecting minis >.<

    Anyway, I look forward to meet u guys who represent Legio or from other gaming stores soon.

  5. @khairul - the stock level for 40k is pretty good, and I would say focused on getting people started and to flesh out the army. Starter sets, box sets, blisters and books. All the tools and paints and brushes are there too. Fantasy stock is shallower. My site has more pics.

    @ J.Na - what you waiting for? The minis are super-awesome!

  6. i have been there once when it 1st started off. great to see how much progress was made. now i m tempted to bring my whole army there when i go there for business again. trouble is, how the hell am i gonna pack 3+ vehcles and 50+ marines for a flight, on top of my luggage and business stuff? hahaha...

  7. I'll definitely pay a visit should i go to KK. Nice setup and ample space for gaming.

    Btw is Legio open on 17th Sept? (Hari Raya week). I'll be in town and would love to see u guys, maybe a game or two..i'll be flying off the next day..

  8. @Faizal- Yes, I do believe we are going to hold Hobby Night on the 17th. Now that I know you're coming, I will definitely make sure that happens. It will be great to see you dude

  9. woohoo - faizal's in the house on the 17th!!! looking forward to it

  10. thank you guys!! its great to be back even for just a day.


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