Thursday, August 5, 2010

Who's Up For Hobby? RSVP Here!

It's that time again, the day before our favorite day of the week! If you plan on coming down and gettin' yer hobby on, post up right here and tell us all about it. I'll be there, probably assembling and/or painting Death Korps models.

How about YOU?


  1. nice pic! :)

    i'll be there with he 6th Assault Infantry of the Brandenburg Imperial Guard.

    Depending on how early I get there, need to do some assembly on my O&G!

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  3. chuang sing here. i'll be there again. can't reach jinn wei, so i'm not too sure if he'll come

  4. I (Alan) will be coming by tonight

  5. I'll be late, got a dinner to attend to first..

  6. I'm a friend of Cheesy Chaos Peter.
    I'll be there with my White Codex/Blood Angels Army.


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