Saturday, August 21, 2010

What a Rockin' Hobby Nite

That was a fantastic Hobby Nite. It helped that I managed to come in early :) Saw some of Jeff's spanking new Deathkorps infantry ... really nice models and paintjobs. He spent the rest of the day assembling, basing and undercoating a squad of DKOK infantry. Man, that FW stuff is really awesome - and super-detailed too. The bayonets fit onto the rifles just like a real bayonet should. Nuts.

Kai was also there by the time I arrived, painting up his mechs - nice and bright paintwork. I got down to assembling my O&G stuff. I managed to get 20 Night Goblins, 3 fanatics and a rock lobber and crew assembled, and prepped 4 more Boar Boyz for assembly - which would have been done except that I did owe Subhan a game. That game turned out to be super-fast as my Ravenwing were easily cleaned off the table by his Chaos marines (it was really quite amazing).

Talking about dice-chucking, we had a new face last nite, Ian, who brought his Space Wolves. After hanging awhile talking shop at the hobby table, Doc arrived fresh from his latest voyage in the deep blue seas, brandishing his mean purple Orks. Jo and his Nids were around, looking for food, which he found amidst some nasty looking Blood Angels. Kong had some WFB action going, though I completely missed that game - I spent most of my time at the hobby table with my O&G. And amidst all that 28mm GW action, Saleem and Kai were going at it with what sounds like a hard-fought Heavy Gear game.

Anyways, that felt really good. Totally looking forward to more!!!


  1. Hard-fought Heavy Gear, actually! I shall keep my gears around in case anyone else wants to have a go at it in the future...

    Welcome to Ian! And cheers for another great Hobby Night!

  2. Thanks for the heads up - fixed it ^..^

  3. You guys r sooooo lucky.... I miss hobby nites. I'm coming back for raya but unfortunately no hobby nite opportunity.

  4. @Khairul- When are you going to form Legio Thailand? Do it....!

  5. BTW, nice to see Azlan posting writeups again! :)

  6. Totally inspired! Great hobby, great friends and a great game to boot!


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