Saturday, January 30, 2010

What a Lot of Dice Fiends!

Last nite's Hobby Nite was a dice fest of sorts. I was lucky to come early enough to put some extra detail onto the Sextons (Decals, extra weathering, and hand painted the regiment numbers. My advice for next time - don't do it! very tiny), and paint the crew (which I had forgotten about).

Subhan was earlier though, and was patiently waiting at the gate when I rolled in. The reason for his excitement was revealed when he took out his brand-new pre-owned 40k army - and spent the entire Hobby Nite learning how to use it in a couple of games. Kong was early too, and we had some good shop talk while I was killing my eyes painting tiny 6's on the 15mm scale British SPGs, before his Infinity games took off.

Dok Selvam, Faizal, Joe, Alvin, Iz were hot on the 40k tables, and I found that my IG were the only defenders of the Imperium last nite. Too many xenos, heretics and traitors! I should note that Iz also brought his FoW Germans, but I did not bring my FoW Brits, so it was 40k all the way for the both of us.
We had some first time visitors - Mr Chaos and Macxell dropped in to check out the Legio. Hope to see you guys at future hobby nites.

Anyways, the dice rolling was furious indeed. I only got in a couple of hours of painting before Faizal's Chaos lured me to the table. I hadn't touched any of my 40k armies in a while, and it was loads of fun.
Hobby Nite ended later than usual last nite, and I did not realize the time until the guys suggested a mamak run. I looked at the watch, and suddenly felt tired. Tired, but totally happy! Can't wait for next Hobby Nite!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

MrChaos Says- "Where's the RSVP post?"

And he's absolutely right! :) I've been in toy soldier related meetings all week with my boss from NZ, and completely spaced getting this post up this morning. My apologies to all. As always, please respond to this thread or email Legio Malaysia with your attendance RSVP. We'd love to have you!

Unfortunately, I won't be there tomorrow night. My new house is almost done, and I need to work with kitchen and electrical contractors all day Friday. In the fairly near future we'll do some kind of Legio housewarming gig with grilled food and cold drinks- stay tuned to this space for that one.... :)

The last two hobby nights were a resounding success for the Flames of War Market Garden Firestorm Troop Painting Extravaganza (whew that's a mouthful)- many thanks to those who volunteered their time and hobby skills for this community effort. There's nothing scheduled for tomorrow in this- we'll let individuals grab some projects next week and see how it goes for a few weeks. We have time.

So, what are you guys going to get up to tomorrow...?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Who's Coming Tomorrow? RSVP Here!

There will be hobby fun aplenty, as Market Garden assembly madness continues, and people continue to test out their Kindred lists. Personally, I'm hoping someone turns up with some new Tyranid models to check out. After seeing the beautifully painted Mawloc at Paradigm Infinitum a couple weeks ago, I'm itching to see more painted bugs.

Who's coming, and what do you plan on doing...?

Monday, January 18, 2010

Production Line, Legio Style

Last Hobby Nite was an amazing feat of arms (or glue, snips and airbrush, if you may). In the space of a few hours, the Market Garden team (Jeff, Shazli, Ivan, Khairul, Iqbal and me) assembled 5 tanks, 3 tank destroyers, 4 SP guns, 5 halftracks, 5 AA guns (and based), 3 large artillery pieces; cleaned and based 37 infantry; primed the tanks, TDs, SPGs and halftracks, plus 2 trucks, a jeep and a universal carrier; and basecoated the TDs, SPGs and halftracks. Not bad at all!

And while the forges were burning and the airbrushes spraying, Legio was alive with howls of the vanquished and the pomp of the victors as dicing action hit the tables at the usual frantic pace of your typical Hobby Nite. There was 40k and Fantasy action going on with some interesting armies. I got to watch some of it, and it did look bloody indeed.

Hobby Nite is truly the highlight of my week! Just amazing!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

RSVP Thread

As usual, please post a comment here and let us know if you'll be attending Hobby Night tomorrow. We look forward to seeing you!

It looks like tomorrow should be quite busy- I've seen discussions about Warhammer, Kindred testing, and Flames of War games. In addition, about a month ago we scheduled tomorrow night as the first night of Firestorm: Market Garden club work in preparation for the upcoming campaign starting on March 12th. In all, it should be a blast!

What are YOU planning on doing this coming Hobby Night? Post and discuss!

Last Call for FoW Nationals!

Anyone interested in competing in this Saturday's Flames of War tournament needs to get in contact with Edwin immediately and confirm registration. They may still have one or two slots open. For full details email Imagine Games.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Kindred registration update

Greetings all.

Just a friendly reminder that registration for Kindred is still open. We are only taking 20 teams and currently there is still 10 places still available. If you register before 12th Feb, which is one month from today, then you will also get a Kindred T-shirt. You can still register after 12th Feb subject to availability but you will not get a t-shirt. Registration here means paid registration.

Please also be reminded that you must submit your final list by 12th Feb.

The partnerships so far are;

1. Azlan & Jeff
2. Andy & Juan
3. Rizal & Subhan
4. Faizal & Iqbal
5. Iskazri & Shazli
6. Eric & Kuok
7. Emil & Shaz
8. Martin & Vinder
9. Alvin & Joe
10. Dann & Ivan

Thank you guys for your support. Really appreciate it.

How's your army coming? Kindred is a hobby tournament in case you've forgotten :)


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Now That's Some Hobby Nite!

The first Hobby Nite of 2010 was just what we needed to properly get the year rolling. I started with laying out some of the stuff I needed to get done for my Kindred army, cleaning and basing my first veteran squad, selecting some of the models that will make up the company command, and managed to sort out some of the bits for the conversions needed to round out the both squads.

Joe was first to tempt me from the hobby table and we had an excellent Planetstrike fight. His World Eaters were so close to victory, but Ahriman managed to snatch it away at the last minute. Truly nailbiting stuff. I know there was all kinds of other 40k action going on too, with Faizal, Dann, Iqbal, Rizal, Subhan, John and a whole gang of 40k people. Interestingly, there were a whole bunch of Eldar armies last nite ... truly, these are people with good taste :) There was Infinity action with Soo Jin, Kong and the Infinity compatriots. I don't know if Salleh rolled any dice, but he did agree to bring his Black Templars to the upcoming loyalist vs traitor legion Apoc game.

And one of the highlights to me was my first FoW game in a long time. Khairul's jerries took on my Monmouthshires in a bitterly fought Cauldron. Things were really slow at first, as it had been awhile for us both. But the rules eventually came back to us, and I must say I totally enjoyed that - even though my rifle company eventually broke and retreated from the field (but not after putting up a bulldog-stubborn fight). Next week, I'm going to try out a Guards list, and get a taste of Hell's Highway.

Hobby Nite finished really late, and by the time we packed up, I was feeling totally spent, but with a big grin on my face. That was one truly satisfying Hobby Nite, and there's the entire 2010 of Hobby Nites to look forward to!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

At last, the RSVP thread returns...

That's right, folks, post your intention to attend right here, and we'll get you on the list!

On a side note, we've got only six spots left for Iron Painter, so if you're interested in attending be sure to email Legio Malaysia and let us know.

Azlan and Khairul will be hosting tomorrow night, as I will be out of town for a nice weekend away with my wife. Everyone have fun, and I'll see you next week...