Monday, May 21, 2012

Hobby Night 18/05/12

It's official, the Flames of War Firestorm: Bagration campaign has kicked off in full force!

The Bagration Campaign Map
As represented by the arrows above, five furious battles were fought. Exploding tanks, infantry massacre, cavalry stampede; almost all aspects of a war were present on the first turn itself. I won't reveal the details much, but all I can say is, one side has played their tactics well. Here are some pictures of what transpired on Turn 1.

Do drop by if you're interested to learn about the campaign mechanism and the game itself, just like Mark and Johan did in the last hobby night. Since Flames of War 3rd Edition was recently released, it'll be easier for you to learn the game. In my personal opinion, this is a game which your generalship and tactical prowess are tested to the max; odds and ratios are secondary.

The trend of good turnout to Hobby Night continued as there were 21 wargamers and hobbyists present. As usual, the WM/H players were around for some quick skirmish games.

Next week, Turn 2 is foreseen to be even more bloody as one side is determined to make up for the losses in Turn 1. Stay tune for the next edition of Hobby Night Recap, Ave Legio!


  1. Awesome day that night.. i had a match with nick. Learn alot from him, really eager to play again this coming friday.

  2. You d man Iqbal!!! I almost feel sorry for the next russian colonel to meet you in battle. Almost...

  3. Definitely some mighty battles last Friday- congrats to Chang and Syamael for getting their first FoW games played against very tough opponents. Congrats definitely due to the mighty Iqbal and his mighty victory over the Red Army. We shall see how this Friday goes with great interest...

  4. Watching the battles unfold last Friday was really exciting. I must say playing on the German side, the sight of hordes of Russians is unnerving. My panzertruppen will face their baptism of fire this Friday ... totally looking forward to this!

  5. Sweet. Can't wait to bring my panzers into the fray this friday (Although it does seem like almost everyone German's packing a panzer kompanie... hrmm)

  6. More german player..hhmm.. we need more soviets.

  7. Still no sign of the t-shirt...
    I am curious.

  8. what t-shirt? ;p

    @Nahri: I'm playing the Panzerkompanie, while Alvin is exclusively Tigerkompanie..quite a big difference there ;)

  9. Heh.. I wonder if the Sov players see much of a difference between a panther and a tiger...

    By the way how many points were the games played at? And another question, is it common in FoW for an army list to not be exact? (i.e:- generally finding it harder to make a perfect 1500, 1750 or 2000 point list compared to 40k. At least for a Heer Panzer kompanie anyway. Last two digits are usually 25,15,85 etc.) Does that make much of a difference in FoW games?

    Anyway, Panzer IV's (and friends) on the way this friday for my very first ever FoW game (For the Reich and all that...)

    Seig heil!

  10. @nahri.. yes much difference between the panther and tiger.. top armor. Panther easier to destroy.

  11. @Nahri- Don't let Vuel fool you- they are both Panzerkompanies based on Tigers and/or Panthers. They've just taken their design choices in slightly different directions. When I play them, my plan going into it will be largely the same :)

    Points are just like 40K, you can be under the agreed total but not over. So, you might end up playing 1495 points or something like that. 1505 would not be allowed (assuming 1500 point game). The campaign point values can be in the 1000-2000 point range, agreed with your opponent. Nothing lower or higher than those totals for standard campaign battles.

    Either way, looking forward to seeing you on the other side of the table!

  12. Might drop by to watch some WWII action or learn how to play BFG.


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