Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Kindred 3 Registration

Just a heads up that the deadline for K3 registration before or on 30th April 2012 is up. These lucky kindreds will be getting their hands on a not so awesome K3 t-shirt each. The design has yet to be finalised but it could be the above boring pic...

The roll call (paid up registration) so far is :

1. Tan Keh Win (M) & Gareth Tan (XL)
2. Alvin (M) & Joe (M).....can still fit M maahhh
3. Hakim Green (L) & Goh aka Limp (M)
4. Carl (XXL) & Boon Kin (L)

So just four teams so far for K3.  We still have openings for 16 more teams but as specified in the K3 Rulespack posted way back on the 3rd of February, teams who register now will not be getting T-shirts.
This is due to the final deadline that we need to give final confirmation to the printers.
But worry not, the same Fun and Mayhem of Kindred events will still be had :)

So what are you waiting for? Register now!!

PS 1 : if you've made payment but i've forgotten to mention your name, please advise.
PS 2 : for a nominal fee, we can get personalised name and tags on the back of your t-shirts. Around RM5 each.


  1. darn i totally forgot to register.. heck what to do. I and kadir is in... i will email soon.

  2. too bad then, no T-shirt for you guys..the partnerships that I noticed were missing (most probably forgotten about it):

    Syamael & Kadir
    Dann & Cikgudin
    Chris Ong & teammate
    Subhan & Najmi

  3. well what to do.. been soo busy preparing for FOW campaign till we forgot to register.

  4. Sorry can't join this round. My daughter's birthday is on the same day. She wants her party on that day so family first

  5. damn forgot to register!! too busy with work dammit! hey if anyone interested to get hybrid nids-,

    pls contact me via fb, phone etc etc!

    p/s: preferbly with tau coz i got few fw in my stock. But i dont mind spend few hundreds to get a box of my partner army as what i did with James last year!..... thats a long p/s....


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