Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hobby Night 25/05/12

History has been re-written. In a FOW-centric hobby night, the Soviets were eager to make up for the losses sustained in the previous turn. As a matter of fact, anything other than advancing into enemy territory was considered a loss. The map below was evidence of the Soviets' aggressiveness.
Bagration Turn 2
Digging up the old archives, these pictures were proof of history that took place in Turn 2. Desperation, bravado, heroism; everything was captured in surrealism. If you're interested to be part of our history, do join us in the next hobby night.

Advance! Advance!! Advance!!! Comrade Stalin is watching you!!!!


  1. That was an incredible Turn 2! 5.PzDiv is proud to report victory!

    1. I believe that's the third last picture ;)

  2. Nice shots @Vuel FoW really puts the scale of WWII battles into perspective. Was a hard fight for my panzerkompanie. Lost 8 panzers, killed 20+ soviet tanks...and still the Reds kept coming... Lessons from the night, SIT on top of those objectives and Jagpanthers rock!


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