Saturday, May 26, 2012

This post is specially dedicated to Dr. Selvam Subramaniam

A : France has fallen. Moscow will be ours by next week. We are victorious.
I : We must remain ever vigilant. Intelligence reports the arrival of a Punjabi regiment led by an upcoming Leftenan Tua Selvam. But this report was ...... maybe 4-5 years ago. There is still no sign of them. Union problems perhaps.
K : I do not fear this Selvam. I will crush him underneath my panther tracks!!

Good nite Doc :)


  1. Leftenan Tua Selvam ... hmmmmm. I hear these guys can be quite nasty in the assault ...

  2. You guys have outdone yourselves....haa haa haa.
    At one glace I thought that was Hitler, Himmler and Goering....dashyat wei. Are you guys gonna wear that uniform through out the campaign? That would be cool, just make sure you wash it during the weekdays.

    My union problem is been ongoing for years all together...How the hell could I know that these Punjabi guys will gang up and form an union? Well, I just gotta a whip them into shape, soon.

  3. Hahaha :)

    Doc, i knew you would love the shirts. Snappy huh ;)

    I wash mine after every hobby night but Azlan says he's gonna keep his unwashed until the end of the campaign. Mojo and all that...

    When are you gonna get those guys done? We're planning an early war campaign after this is done. Get the blitzkreig book Doc :)

  4. last friday was awesome, going agains azlan was tough enough.. make things worst he has a panther and tiger firestorm units.

  5. They are done but couldn't get to game with them coz of work and all.
    Early war sounds fun...will make sure the regiment is ready for a fight by then.
    Haa haa haa...I was think how to up you guys....wear a turban?

  6. Early war sounds awesome! That would be good impetus to finish painting my light panzer company

  7. Doc, if you come to hobby night with your fully painted Punjabi army wearing a turban while gaming all night....i personally vouch the Legio Knight of the Order award for you hehehee

  8. looking at the pic.. you guys memang gila hahaha..


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