Monday, April 1, 2013

Member Shirts are Finally at Hand!

Last Friday's Hobby Night was our "unveiling" for the members shirts we've been planning, scheming, and chatting about over the last year. From the very beginning we've been all about flying the Legion colors- remember the original club shirt from back in 2008?

Our new format shirt, which is a much more detailed and heavy duty shirt, is a great way to show your pride in club membership and to let folks know what you've done. For those that saw our first two shirts you might be wondering, "What the hell does all those bits and bobs mean?". Well folks, here's three images that break down everything for you. For members, this should tell you exactly what to expect YOUR shirt to look like once you get it. Each one is personal!

So, there you have it. Members, you've all been emailed about these. Please be sure to get back to Nahri and Khairul ASAP so we can get you sorted out and struttin' your hobby stuff! ;)


  1. Whoa! Not only do the Legio Malaysia officers work on models ... they are also models in their own right! ^^


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