Thursday, April 25, 2013

RSVP Time- Individual Throwdowns Conclude Tomorrow Night!

That's right folks, tomorrow at 9 PM voting opens for the eighth and final individual challenge in the Legio Army Throwdown event. It's the second Wild Card choice, meaning that competitors are free to display any game legal unit from their army or a Dedicated Transport option. Please come out tomorrow night and encourage these intrepid army builders- they're almost done!

Tables will be open for gaming as well. As a reminder, we ask players of 'skirmish' games like Warmachine to use the skirmish tables we've built for you. 4x4 tables really only work for skirmish type games, so taking a 4x6 to play your game when 4x4 tables are available doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

We hope to see lots of hobby nutters at Legio Malaysia's Hobby Night tomorrow- post up here and let us know you're coming!


  1. I'll be there - and hopefully w Vendetta #05. Really struggling with that one. Eldrad's Defenders of Haran will be there too. And so will Mad Donna and her lovely cohort of Necromundan beauties ...

  2. will be dropping by, anyone fancy a game?

  3. Sorry guys, I can’t make it this week. Iqbal is planning to be there for any Kill Team game that you wish to play. I’m looking forward to hear how Mad Donna performs. (Jeff yes I will sort out A Google handle soon). Mark Smith

  4. I'll be there for a game... Hmm, any fantasy players showing up? Otherwise shall field the Tau.

  5. Alan Ching, Jo, Alan Mok and I will be coming for Warmahordes !!


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