Friday, April 12, 2013

RSVP for tonight's good times!

Yes, fellow hobbyists and gamer, we are open for business.

Tonight's main event will be the Throwdown Wildcard entries. So expect to see more nicely painted models as each participant have the freedom to field any choice from their army. I've already had the pleasure of inspecting a nicely painted land raider entry. What else can we expect to see?

Delta force recon ranger special forces veteran expert, Mr. Mark Smith will be running the last test play for the highly anticipated Legio Kill Team campaign. If you haven't tried this game then you're missing out on something very exciting. Did i mention that the terrain he built specifically for the campaign are gorgeous....nope? Well, se for yourself ;).
Mechanicum reserch facility Beta 2
Dark Eldar infiltrators have gained access. Who will stop them from stealing  valuable imperial technology?
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  1. I'm there!!! Will be bringing yet another squad of Catachan AirCav veterans. And for Kill Team, my Alaitoc Outcasts will be making their debut. See you guys there

  2. Sadly, I shall have to give this glorious session a miss... Hobby on comrades, hobby on!

  3. I will be there! Sons of Horus Land Raider "Ira Cthonia" will be entered into the Wild Card Throwdown, and the Alpha Legion will be making their first appearance in Kill Teams playtesting...

  4. Replies
    1. You bringing some Night Lords? :)

    2. yes I will =) probably termi or helbrute for the throwdown... will get a game in with Hakim too

  5. g'day! the following warmachine players will be dropping by tonight!

    Dick Teh
    Mohd Salleh
    Alan Mok
    Collin Hee
    Alan Chin
    Lexiss Pong
    Jo Tan

    Thank you! see you there

    1. Holy smokes it's a Warmachine invasion! Nice

    2. Lol, we promise not make too much noise xD


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