Thursday, April 4, 2013

RSVP Thread- Kill Teams and Birthday Bash Info

Legio Malaysia Birthday Bash

Believe it or not it's that time of the year again. Saturday, May 18th we will be holding Legio Malaysia's FIFTH Birthday Bash! Woo Hoo!!

In general to the overall happiness, delirium, and capering about, there are two main events on the offer for the Birthday Bash- Kindred IV and Golden Kris.

Kindred IV

And yeah, believe it or not this year will mark the 4th year in a row that we've run the Kindred event. Speaking for Arzmi and myself, never in a million years did we ever foresee this. And speaking for Arzmi and myself, we owe it all to you hensem guys who have been supporting us since K1 by taking part. Thank you so much everyone!

And as a sign of appreciation from both of us for your continuous support we've managed to plead and beg and grovel  our t-shirt supplier to still accept our orders even though we're running out of time to print them.
So if you still want that free limited edition K4 t-shirt please grab your partners and  register before April 12th.
This will be one installment of Kinderd you will not want to miss.
(Khairul Effendy)

Golden Kris V

Our May 18th Birthday Bash will feature the fifth (!) iteration of our yearly 'Golden Kris' painting contest. To mark the occasion appropriately, Legio Malaysia commissioned local sculptor Jarold Sng to sculpt our very own Golden Kris Statuette. This statue, pictured in the Golden Kris banner at the top of the page, will be cast and prepared in Gold, Silver, and Bronze schemes for all Golden Kris categories. This means there will be TWELVE of these fantastic statuettes available to win, making this year's contest a 'can't miss' on every serious painter's calendar. This year will feature the following categories:


Entries may include any single 25-35mm scale model mounted on a base no larger than 40mm round/square. Cavalry/bike models are also entered into this category. Smaller scale entries, such as for games like Flames of War or Dropzone Commander, may also be entered in this category. For these, one stand of infantry (typically two to five models) or one vehicle may be entered.


Entries may include any single 25-35mm scale model normally mounted on a base larger than 40mm round/square or unbased like a vehicle.


Entries must consist of a 25-35mm scale game legal unit of at least five models and no more than twenty. Smaller scale entries, for games such as Flames of War or Dropzone Commander, may be entered into this category. The five model/stand minimum rule applies here as well.


This year's 'Wild Card' category is 'Duel'. Entries need to show two 25-35mm scale models in combat with each other, mounted on a base no larger than 5" x 5". This is a diorama, and as such game legal casing for the models is NOT required.


All entries must be 100% built and painted by the person entering the model. Entrants must enter their own models and be physically present at the awards ceremony to claim their prize(s). If an entrant is not present at that time, the next highest scored model will take the prize in question. The awards ceremony will take place immediately after awards are given out for the Kindred IV 40K Legio Hobby Tournament.

Any display bases must be reasonably sized to allow room for all entrants, preferably painted/modeled to match the models being displayed on them. Motorized/lighted/gimmicky display bases are not permitted. If you have any questions about your base you may contact Legio Malaysia directly via email, through our Facebook page, or in person at any of our Hobby Nights.


Kill zone in the factory and snipers in the rose bushes. Recap by Mark Smith

This week we had tables set up with two very different themes – one a mechanical factory floor and the other a tranquil, relaxing, sweet smelling garden scene. A serene paradise that only the Eldar could truly appreciate....that was until it was ruined by the crushing boots of power armour trampling all over the flowers!!

The attackers had two objectives this week; one was to upload a computer virus on computer terminals and to assassinate an Alien Spy hiding among the defenders team.

In the factory the first fight was between the Blood Angels and the Dark Angels. The Dark Angels bravely prepared to valiantly protect the Alien Spy, sheltering behind a stack of crates, even prepared to use their own bodies as shields to protect the important alien... who got blasted away by rapid fire!! Then they had to deal with swift moving Blood Angels outflanking on the left side. A win for the Blood Angels.

The Death Korps or Krieg were up next. Led by the confident and charismatic Lieutenant Moller the Korp’s job was to protect the Alien against the Dark Angels. They boldly deployed with the Alien protected by a combination of crates and bodies. This time the Dark Angels stood back and mercifully poured plasma bursts onto the ill-fated Death Korps, with one of the blasts drifting on to the poor Alien. Instantly he was fried in plasma. Suddenly a tightly huddled group of six marines made a break for a computer terminal on the right flank, only to be surprised by a single, flamer armed, defender stepping around the corner. The defender must have thought it was his lucky day, hitting all six marines.... and injuring none!!! It wasn’t his lucky day, all six marines ganged up on the doomed Death Korp. The centre of the table had become a cruel kill zone.

Meanwhile, over in the garden the Eldar were mad about their afternoon picnic on the grass being disturbed, first by Black Templers and then by Blood Angels. Rangers armed with sniper rifles showed the Black Templers the true meaning of accurate fire from well hidden vantage points. They also quickly moved their Alien Spy out of the danger zone and successful protected a computer terminal, while cutting down the ill-fated Templers.

However, they hardly had time to rest before they realised that a team of Blood Angels were in the same garden. The Angels had their own Alien spy, which the Eldar endeavoured to execute, but the Angels and the spy quickly took up cover behind some walls and away from the sneaky snipers. The Eldar Fire Dragon unleashed retribution on the wall, creating a hole big enough to pass through, however before he could take advantage of this he was vicious jumped by a hooligan Blood Angel. The lengthy fight was even joined by a nimble sandwich filled Harlequin.... who was promptly beaten by the Blood Angel. A protected Alien Spy, a secure computer and a second win for the Angels!

This Friday the mission has a music connection....Pink Floyd and the Doors. Come and join !!

RSVP here for tomorrow's Hobby Night. Take care folks.


  1. I'll be there!

    I'll be bringing my Dark Eldar to play in the Kill Team with you guys. Just to add something different.

    1. Hi Alvin, it would be great to get some Dark Eldar running around. I look forward to see what your team looks like later tonight. Cheers Mark

    2. Who else is bringing a Kill Team?

    3. Mark, you need to take a couple minutes and create a Google profile and a handle LOL... play like a champion! ;)

  2. Question : for GK Duel category, is one model versus multiple model (one space marine versus a bunch of orks/nids) valid for entry?

    1. Nope- otherwise you'd be doing a battle and not a duel! As the rules state about, it's one model fighting another- two models total. :)

    2. What if those models are waving pom pom and wearing cheerleading outfit to cheer for the duelist? or when they are just dead bodies?


      joke aside, noted, sir, one versus one only, got it =)

  3. I'll be there with my Hive Fleet of DOOOM for their first time on 6th ed. Anyone bringing 1750pts army to play? :)

  4. For the Golden Kris ... must the models be ones that were completed in 2013 or can we dig up some of our older models from earlier years for submission? Also, must we submit pictures prior to bring the model to the event?

    1. The date you painted the model is irrelevant- if you built and painted it, and you haven't entered it into a Golden Kris before, it's good to go.

      Where did you get the idea you had to submit a picture? Nope, definitely don't need to do that. Just show up for the Birthday Bash, fill out and sign a GK enrollment form, cough up the model, and you're good to go dude!

    2. Thanks deathkorps! Heh heh ... I thought that Legio would want to screen the entries to help prevent noobs like me from embarrassing themselves =)

      Thinking of taking part just for the fun of it and experience a major Legio event. ^^
      Thanks again for the info.

    3. No way are we going to tell someone "that's not good enough to enter" unless the model doesn't meet rules specifications or if it's actually not fully painted. You're all good! :)

  5. I'll be there with the Elves yet again. Up for a rematch Khairul?

  6. Then prepare to meet thy doom katak! :P


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