Monday, December 1, 2008

Weekend Stats Updated

Howdy folks,

After a nice vacation away with my lovely wife, I'm back in the hobby mix with the latest update of league scores. After a relatively quiet first week, there were a slew of games played over the weekend. Awesome! However, we are still missing some results from matches. Remember, when you choose to play games offsite, BOTH SIDES must email in the match results. This must be done within 1 week, or the match will be disqualified from league consideration. Here are the results we're waiting on. If they are not turned in or emailed in by the end of the night Friday, these matches will be stricken from the records:

Peter C, you have not emailed in the results from your matches with Tay J. and Raymond.

Tay and Raymond, I highly suggest you cajole, threaten, or otherwise motivate Peter to get those stats in! :) Peter- please don't forget to include Sportsmanship and Appearance scores for the previously mentioned matches.

Also, note that if your name in the stats below appears in green, that means that you qualify for entry in to the league finals with a fully painted army and 4 games played. If your name is in white, that means you have played enough games to be current in the league (at this time 1 game). If your name appears in red, that means you are behind in games and you need to get some played!

I'm very glad to see all the league action, particularly from our outstation brothers at Comics Mart. After all, we're all one big hobby community, regardless of where we play, or who we hang out with.




  1. sorry guyz....i've been a bit swamped at work. will send asap. pls don't break my cutesy cutesy Chaos horns.

  2. to look for some smurfy snacks....oooooh Shazli (merican)...come out come out wherever u are.....


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