Sunday, August 2, 2009

Singapore Wins Big at Legio Warhammer Tournament

Wow, what a day!

Legio Malaysia's inaugural Warhammer tournament featured 14 players, 9 of which made a hobby pilgrimage from Singapore for the event. Armies clashed, dice were chucked, and the howls of the vanquished echoed through the hall over three rounds of tough competition. When the dust settled and the points were added up, "Team Singapore" acheived a tournament-wide "Massacre" result by taking all of the trophies!

Overall Winner: Justin Phua

Best Sportsman: G1

Best Appearance: Lee Kok Foong

Sincerest congratulations go out to the winners for their well deserved victories, as well as all of the competitors who came out yesterday to play. I think this tournament could be a great catalyst for more "inter-nation" rivalry, as well as a resurgence of interest in Legio Malaysia for the Warhammer hobby.

Call me biased, but don't let the final results fool you. The Malaysian players showed up to play, and from what I saw there were a lot of tight games. I also must mention that Iskazri pulled off another pre-tournament hobby "All Nighter", painting like a maniac to get his army up to snuff. In fact, take a look at the Appearance scores, and you'll see that Iskazri was tied for second! Is, I take my hat off to you! :)

The complete results are posted below- check 'em out!

Personally, I loved seeing all that Warhammer action going down yesterday, and I think this is only the beginning. I spoke with several of the Singapore team members, and we all agreed that some sort of "Singapore/Malaysia Invitational" needs to get organized and run every year. This event would not only feature Warhammer, but also 40K and even Flames of War. What do you guys think? Post and discuss!


  1. WoW! What a day indeed. Hats off to the winners. and kudos too to our organizers, JEff and his helpers, Iqbal, Lan, etc.

    I was facing off against the guys from S'pore and I manage to play agaist 3 different opponents from that island, my lucky day!

    anyways, unlike WH40k, you know your army is outclassed the moment you see whats arrayed across the battlefield lol.

    It was great fun all the way, and the food too. As Jeff mentioned, I managed another All Nighter to finish off my stuff with the last static grass glued at approximately 0825. The next tournament, I hope to get some sleep the night before...hehe.

  2. Congratulations to the winners and all the players, organizers and people who made this first Warhammer tournament. This is historic - the first Legio purity seal to be awarded to someone from outside Malaysia ... yes, let's look further into some kind of regular (annual?) MY/SG invitational challenge cup kinda thing

  3. Great event!!!
    And was excited to see so many power builds from the Singapore team.

    Though it is something to celebrate for smoothly organized Legio's 1st Warhammer Fantasy tournament, there are some rooms of improvement which we can take note on.

    As per the rules pack, models need to be WYSIWYG. But majority of the players don't practice that and that allows them to be more flexible to take up powerful builds as compared to those that have to play with what their models are equiped with or not enough time to convert them.

    And this restriction was one of the reasons that kind of discouraged many of the Malaysian players here to join.
    And due to the lack of mini range support from GW as compared to 40k which proves to be harder to covert every single figures to be WYSIWYG, I would hope that the organizer will remove such restriction on the next Fantasy tournament. If not, do make sure everyone with no execption comply to that restriction to be fair for all.

    I think we can just apply the restrictions to "no confusion" instead of "WYSIWYG" rule will do. Meaning that if you see spearmen, they are spearmen unit and not executioners. Equipments and upgrades of the unit can be declared during deployment.

    Sorry for the ranting, as I'm just giving a constructive feedback from what I'm getting from most Fantasy players around and I'm just speaking on behalf of them.

  4. Joe, glad you enjoyed the tournament. As for WYSIWYG rules, that's standard at any Legio tourney. In future, if there is a problem with people not being WYSIWYG, just call one of the organizers and he/she/it will sort it out. Typically the offeinding model is removed from play. I've personally done this a few times myself. As for relaxing the WYSIWYG rules at Legio tourneys ... ain't gonna happen

  5. Hi Joe,

    I hear what you're saying about the armies at the tournament, but I'll echo what Azlan says and tell you that we're not going to back off from WYSIWYG requirements. I also don't recall a single person coming to me and asking about WYSIWYG difficulties.

    I'll admit I didn't carefully check the armies repping vs army lists. Not a single player emailed me pics, asking for clarification on whether or not their models would be usable or not. People ignoring the rules put us in a tight spot, and this time I decided to let it go, especially considering the low turnout.

    In the future, given that it seems several players ignored our guidelines, we might require pics or some other evidence of WYSIWYG. If it's a choice between WYSIWYG or not running the tournament, in the future we won't run the tournament.

    If there are a lot of players in your area that would play if WYSIWYG were relaxed, why don't you guys organize and run a tournament of your own? I'm sure the Singapore crew would be happy to come up for another event, and I'm sure there would be some Legio members that would be interested as well. The way Legio Malaysia tries to run its events is not for everyone, and I certainly respect that there are differing opinions. Considering your strong feelings on this, it sounds like you guys should run an event of your own within guidelines that you desire.

    Hopefully this didn't detract too much from your experience. I would have done a few things differently, if I had the chance to turn back the clock. Obviously, I can't do that. So, I'll chalk this one up to "unreasonable optimism" on my part, and be aware of it when the idea of a WFB tournament comes around again. One way or another, we'll get it right next time! :)


  6. Thanks for the input guys. Anyway, just to be clear, the comments are not entirely from folks up north but also from some of the south players about the WYSIWYG rule enforced.

    The input was not nice to put it up here.

    And yes... if WYSIWYG will be enforced, I do hope that is done properly next round. :)

  7. I hear you Joe. In fact, our SG friends did ask us if we could relax the WYSIWYG rules way before the tournament. Naturally and graciously, we didn't agree la :) ... anyways, I'm looking forward to see things work more smoothly next time

  8. WYSIWYG is a great limiter, especially if your opponent don't have the neccessary models. It would kinda limit his /her options.

    This kind of reminded me that in one of the games i had, my opponent had a musician which he did not properly represent in the unit and only declared it during combat resolution.

    another time, one of the undead horde was replenishing his ghouls with zombie models. I let it go becoz the wysiwyg rules were not "thoroughly" enforced by the organizers, and i think my lack of sleep had something to do with it..hehe

    Anyway, we can always improve the next (if there is one)tourney. Like everything orky, what doesn't kill you makes you badder and smarter. So, to the organizers, well done again and other WHFB players, be well prepared from now to deal some hurt in the Old world.

  9. Awesome, looks like the Malaysian 40k scene is heating up...

    Any ideas when the 40k tournament this year will be happening? Fingers crossed it will be soon!!!

  10. should have brought your orks,man.
    Grimgor with his black would have had a chance.

  11. ok....time to buy those extra banners + trumpets....ebay ebay ebay....oh wait lookee here...Maelstrom

  12. Iz wasn't the only All Nighter around that day.

    That Friday i woke up at 9.oo am, take my wife to see doctor, drove to Pontian Johor, drop my wife at my in laws, drove back to KL (11.30pm), stop at Semenyih to pick Nik Kamal (3.30 am), continue painting my Black Guards untill 8.10 am, reach Legio (9.00 am), grass my Black Guard (9.40am), Tournament (till 6.00pm), drove to GC (6.45pm), play 40k (till 10.45 pm), Sent Nik Kamal to Semenyih, Drove back to Johor. Damn tiring!!

    But it was all wort it. Fun and great event by Legio. Ave Legio!!

  13. Lord AK, I salute you. Sounds like a feat worthy of song and legend :)

  14. wow.... more than 36 hours without sleep. Salute!

  15. thats what u do when u like doing what you're doing...:)

    @doc: couldn't finish converting and painting them greenskins in time. maybe next time i'll bring grimgor and boyz...

  16. Is this invitational similar to what SPORE is? All of the wargames at once?

  17. @Firaya: Nooooo! We won't do something nearly that comprehensive- we just don't have the support locally for something like that. I was thinking WFB and 40K, and possibly Flames of War if we can manage it. SPORE is fantastic, but IMO we're not ready to run something that massive here.

  18. actually we were ready once..remember Comic-Con..sadly, that event is only a one-timer..

  19. There was the GAMECON 2004 (or was it 2005?) @ Midvalley. Din won the 40k, i played in WFB (but lost hahaha), there was epic, MTG, all kinds of game. A truly superb event. I thought there was to be another one back in 2006/07. But don't know what happen.

  20. Sorry for the delay, but I finally got the pics up on my site ...


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