Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hobby Night- Huzzah!

I'm looking forward to seeing as much of our membership as possible tomorrow night- I know everyone's excited about our tournament coming up in November, and I know more than a few of you have mentioned wanting to play on the new "dead" tables in the back. We unveiled them at the Warhammer tournament, and I think they look pretty cool. Azlan is working on a Chaos Altar terrain piece for one of them, and I've got a couple ideas for the other as a finishing touch. Good times!

FYI tomorrow will not be a late night folks. Last game will be at 10 PM, so please plan accordingly. In them meantime, I'll see you tomorrow!




  1. Where did all the Legio veterans go to? :(

  2. It was a pretty light turnout last nite, that's for sure. Still, I enjoyed myself having a nice hobby chat with Dann. I wish I would've brought my super glue so I could have assembled my Catachans with the new metal West Wind heads.... argh.

    I'm sure we'll get them in the fold soon...

  3. My uncle passed away late Thursday nite and I spent all of Friday driving up to Parit Buntar, then Kuala Kangsar for the funeral, then back to Parit Buntar for the tahlil. Hope to be there at the next hobby nite

  4. Sorry to hear of your loss Azlan.


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