Friday, August 14, 2009

The Other Bald Dude ...

That's right. This Friday 14th August, I'm your guest-host at the Legio. So if you think the bald dude hosting Hobby Nite doesn't quite look mat salleh, that's because the mat salleh won't be around. And you guys will have to deal with the malay bald dude instead ...

So I'll see you guys. I heard there will be some WFB action. I'm bringing either my IG, Eldar or Thousand Sons. And Space Hulk. I also heard there may be a surprise visit from an old friend ... but it's just rumors for now ...


  1. How many bald mat salleh and bald malay does it take to screw on a light bulp??

    Cheers guys. U both have been doing an awesome job!!!

  2. oh man!! im in kedah now, I wanna play Space Hulk,waaaaa!!

    so lan, perhaps u can extend the playing hours, say last game can start arnd 11pm for the folks coming tonite..hehehe...just kiddin..

  3. I didnt know Jeff was from Sabah and Bajau to boot! Wow learn something new every day =P

  4. Oi! Recap!!! What happened last night? I'm stuck here in China with no hobby news!!!


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