Thursday, August 13, 2009

Input Needed- The Next 40K League

That's right folks, that time of the year has come around once again. It's time for "The League"!

We thought it would be great to have The League feature 1750 point armies, so players can potentially test out new lists for the upcoming "Inquisition Wars" tournament. We also have cool trophies to give away to last season's winners, so we want to get Season 3 scheduled!

So, please scroll down and vote on the poll below. We know that Ramadan and Hari Raya complicates scheduling for many of you, so we thought we'd put the start date to a vote. The League will last 6 weeks, just like last time. We're going to start Season 3 on one of the three dates listed below- we'll leave it to a vote over the next week.

So, get involved and click on your choice!


  1. oooh ... league time! Hmmm, which army? IG? Ravenwing? Eldar? Thousand Sons? I voted start on 28/8 ... you guys?

  2. Voted for sept 11th... Think those who are fasting would be more settled into the fasting habits and can handle legio hours better.

  3. Voted Sept 11. I agree about the fasting thing, by this time we're gone past the halfway point of the month, meaning that we won't be too stoned to play haha.

  4. I voted for Oct least fasting and raya are done by then, so will have better concentration... and also ample time for me to finish my Cadians, hehe

  5. You did actually vote in the poll at the bottom of the page, right? ... lol

  6. i vote after puasa should be fine. Like faizal & lan said oct.


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