Monday, August 17, 2009

The Rumors Were True

Space Hulk has just gone up on the GW site, available for pre-order and shipping September 5th. This is awesome, and those are the coolest Blood Angel models I have ever seen! Awesome!
I have a feeling we're going to see this getting played at Legio Hobby Nights in the very near future...
Check out the GW site for a cool pop-up ad as well.


  1. man, those models are awesome! i wonder if the game itself is the same as the old one?

  2. the terminator models are pretty sweet as are the genestealers

    can check them out at the GW website

    although the whole box content picture kinda looks the same as my old space hulk which khairul bought for me for my birthday years ago

    (hint to khairul to buy me 1 for this year's birthday)


  3. So...what is the story behind Space Hulk?
    Is Dark Eldar involved in this scenario in any way?

  4. i reckon if LEGIO should buy 1 for our club

    each member chip in a few bucks (maybe 20-50, then we could all enjoy space hulk on fridays)

    and maybe if we collected far enough

    get two boxes

    and here comes Space Hulk:Apocalypse


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