Thursday, February 4, 2010

Woohoo! RSVP Time Again!

It's that time of the week again! Reply to this thread to RSVP your attendance at tomorrow's Hobby Nite. Full names would be helpful. The Alaitoc Eldar, the Irish Guards and my yellow hobby box will be there. And if last week was any indication, tomorrow should be both a dice and hobby bash!
See you guys @ Hobby Nite.


  1. Koh Joe Soon a.k.a. Lord of World Eaters will be there! :)

  2. Selvam Subramaniam...coming.
    Expecting my 2 Ork

  3. I'll be coming tomorrow with Is and Peter. The only question is what list I want to bring lol.

    Mohd Shazli Merican

  4. after 1 month of changing diapers ill be coming with my 2k orks!!

    also looking for kindred games to finalize our tuning of the scenarios

    sexy rsvp with sexy kisses

  5. subhan anuar will be there with his necron lord

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  7. Will be there with the smurf + ork. May be delayed though...nowadays my face gets used as a chew-toy on Fridays

  8. Jade Chong and his forty trolls will see if there are any challengers for Warhammer Fantasy.

  9. heya guys! Macxell was very nice to meet you guys last week :D

    Well wish i could participate but yesterday i fell off me bike like a sack of potato and now bike's in the shop and i'm a walking human bandaid.

    I might not be able to make it next week too as it's close to chinese new year and having the compulsory dinner gathering thingie on friday :(
    *tis the season to get fat*

    hope you guys have a great time! see you guys after chinese new year.. have tons of question about warhammer fantasy too :>

  10. iskazri ibrahim will be coming. i'll pack my 40k orks and my dwarfs

  11. Ivan posted on 40kMalaysia:

    "Got a Blood Angels friend that wants to tag-long to Legio tonight. Anybody can help me post it on the Legio Blog?

    Shahrin Shahamid and Ivan Ng Ho Keat.


    I'm guessing his internet is down at home and his office bans Blogspot?

  12. Alan and Kong will be coming


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