Saturday, February 27, 2010

6 Days to Kindred !!!

Greetings everyone.

Just a friendly reminder that Kindred is just 6 days away, that's next Saturday 6th March.

Arzmi and me are currently busy making final preparations to ensure that Legio's first ever Hobby Tournament which also happens to be our first doubles event runs smoothly. In this endeavor, we would like to request a couple of things from you as well as make some final announcements.

1. We would first like to stress again that this event will be run using Legio's Hobby Tournament format. As such please ensure that all your models are painted to the best standard that you personally can accomplish. Any unpainted models, unbased, not completed with painting effort will not be allowed.No exceptions will be entertained come tournament day.

Although our rulespack states that all models must be painted with a minimum of 3 colors, based, with "painting effort" involved, we humbly request that you do not use this requirement literally. Guys, this is a hobby tournament so please show us your best painted models. Let's get into the spirit :)

2. Please bring along 2 copies of you army list. One for you to submit during registration and the second to show your opponent upon request. Since I've been receiving all sorts of lists, i would like to request that you include/make the followings;
a/ use an A4 paper and include both your partner's and your list on one page
b/ feel free to use any software you're comfortable with ie words, excel
c/ please use fonts size 11 or bigger
d/ handwritten list are not encouraged
e/ write your partner's and your name clearly on the top of the page
f/ clearly indicate the HQ, Troops, Elites, Fast attack and Heavy choices
g/ indicate how many of each choices you have in your list ie Rangers x5
h/ include all wargears or upgrades you have
i/ include point cost for each unit plus their upgrades
j/ final point cost at the bottom

3. Registration will begin at 9.00am and end at 9.45am. Please ensure that you arrive and register within this allocated time. A short briefing will be given at 9.45am and the first round will begin exactly at 10.00 am. We would truly appreciate your kind cooperation to ensure that you arrive and register early.

4. Unless there is anymore entry or changes, the line-up of participants are;

A. Azlan & Jeff
B. Andy & Juan
C. Syameal & Subhan
D. Iqbal & Peter
E. Shazli & Zaki
F. Eric & Kuok
G. Emil & Shaz
H. Martin & Vinder
I. Alvin & Joe
J. Dann & Ivan
K. Christopher & Johnny
L. Edward & Shaun
M. Koh & Wong

We wish you guys all the best in using the available time you still have to prepare your army.

Make it work!!


  1. Will try my best to complete my Kindred army..if not, I'll just use what I have with me already..

    5 unpainted marines..
    1 DP, assembled but need some greenstuff work..
    calculated available working time the whole next week (starting from today): 3 hours..

    it's like a mini Iron Painter all over & my last minute painting rituals *sigh*

  2. Last minute hobby rush... git 'r dun...!!!!

  3. aieee ... 33 infantry and 1 tank to go!!!

  4. Ouch....hehehe. Better start burning those midnite oils dude!!!

  5. Due to work commitments from my partner(s) I have chosen to withdraw from the tournament to reduce the headache on the organizer's part.

    However, if there is demand for it and if anyone can spare a digital camera, I can come and support by taking shots of the event. Let me know if there's plans for it.

  6. Its ok Shaz, we understand. Also appreciate your offer to take pics during the event. I know Iqbal has a high tech digi camera :)

    Or you can just use my normal digicam. So if you're really up to it, can i sign you up as official Kindred photographer?

  7. Any camera will do, as long as someone shows me how to use it :)

    Since there's a camera I'll make it a point to come for the event then.

  8. headache2,,busy2 week,,out of chaos black n blood red,,3 bloodcrusher n 7 bases to go,,hope i could finish it on time,,haihh,,gudluck to u guys

  9. 15 infantry and the tank to go! sleep is relegated to something that can be done on saturday nite

  10. You only managed 18 infantry in 2 days???

    Then they must look super nice :)

  11. 18 infantry in 2 days is fast actually..
    I'm a much slower painter than that..
    but knowing azlan's painting, it definitely will look nice..

  12. 5 infantry and the tank to go! the painting is something i would call passable, i think. Total sleep since monday = 9 hours

  13. Hardcore dude! Tonight will tell the tale for me


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