Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hobby Night 06/04/12

The Warp Breach Alert turned out to be an over-reaction. It was only a small Eldar warband materializing from a webway portal, disappearing as swiftly as their arrival. Taking no chances, the Imperium dispatched two forces of the Blood Angels and Space Wolves chapter to site, as a safety precaution.

It was a great night for hobby, and the topic for the night turned out to be Flames of War. Countless tanks were assembled, paint schemes and army compositions were discussed. All these, in preparation for the upcoming Firestorm: Bagration campaign that'll kick off on May 18th. Should any of you be interested to learn this game system, don't hesitate to drop by any Hobby Night. The third edition rules was recently published, so it's the same learning curve for everyone.

A special welcome to Mr. Mark Smith for attending his first ever hobby night. Hope to see you on a regular basis. Yes, he's the the British Superman. Clark is the American version.

On a side note, there'll also be an inevitable war. Heads up, you might want to start preparing your 40K armies for battle. Create an army lists, assemble , paint, wrestle that hobby burnout; do whatever you can NOW. Rumours are saying that the impending war will be endless, but I'm sure it's going to be Survival of the Fittest.

As a reminder, June 30th is less than 3 months away. Are you ready? As Khairul likes to quote nowadays "Do or Do Not. There is no Try"


  1. Am really looking forward to the Bagration campaign :)
    Going against hordes of russian infantries and tanks is gonna crazy but the third reich will prevail!!!

  2. This is really going to be fun.. im painting like a mad man, cant keep my hands off my paint brush. Every night.. FOW,terrain,eldar & SW. Painting frenzy. :) . The Red Army shall swarm the german tank and reduce them to metal scrap and the rockets shall fall from the sky living nothing alive.

  3. I got my 10 T-70 tanks assembled and magnetized over the weekend. Painting will begin no later than Wednesday! Yippeee!

  4. If someone is willing to give me an intro session of FOW that be great.

  5. Thanks for having us! We're looking forward to spending more time over there. We're planning to come over on alternate Fridays.


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