Monday, April 30, 2012

Hobby Night 27/04/12

At one point of time, there were 17 people in the session. That fact alone, pretty much summed up the last Legio Hobby Night. Have a look below.

Let's start off with the Legio Hobby Night's mainstay: the Hobby Table. Since May 18th is just around the corner, furious assembly and painting of FoW miniatures were foreseen. The frenzy on Hobby Table even got Mark and Nahri interested with the game too; only a matter of time now before we see another Axis and Ally army marching to war. However, as pictured below, there were two things noted (not that they were significant remarkable, but good signs of the future).

The Hobby Table
The first thing that you can see was that Yip was in attendance, painting. Definitely a good sign there, since he's a good painter to begin with but lacked the motivation to paint his stuff (the only person left now is Ivan, who still need the right push to get him painting). As for the second thing...hmm...wait, did I see it right? Let me double-check.

Wow, it was really him in person. The ever-elusive Wolf Lord Syamael finally materialized during the hobby night instead of the whisper-from-the-warp routine. And look at his side of the table, that was simply more than twenty FoW Soviet infantry bases he got there. By the looks of things, he has set his mind on participating in the Firestorm: Bagration campaign. But, will he be able to commit himself in the upcoming campaign? That, we gotta wait and see.

Continuing with the FoW Hobby Rush, Alvin decided to repaint most of his 1500pts German army (which consisted of only 6 Tiger tanks). It appeared that his airbrushing activity has attracted some of the WM/H players to the art of airbrushing, which led to another brief Airbrushing 101 session that he gladly did. By the way, do you want to know something that's even more amazing?

There was not a single game of WH40K played that night, a very rare occurrence given the local affinity towards the game. Don't really know what happened to the WH40K community, but the information that we had was that two of them were busy preparing themselves physically and mentally to venture into the depths of sea (at different locations) during this weekend. So with WH40K out of the picture, enter Flames of War, Warmachine/Horde and even Battlefleet Gothic.

Germans defending against an assault from the Soviet Tank Battalion
Imperial Skirmish Training Session
L to R: Syamael, Zaki, Nahri, Mark
The WM/H Press Gang

Last but not least, the highlight of the day belonged to Yip. These were the awesome things what he painted last Hobby Night. From my personal point of view, he'll be giving a run to everybody else in the upcoming Golden Kris on June 30th, especially for the Unit Category.

That would be all for the night, and we closed rather early at 12.15 am as compared to the previous week. Looking forward for another great week to come.

Speaking of which, to all past and present Legionnaires, there will be a Legio Malaysia General Meeting held during the next Hobby Night; the first for 2012. Please RSVP your attendance for the meeting via the email that has been sent to you.

Ave Legio!


  1. Nice pics and recap! Many thanks. Despite ducking out a bit early, I still had quite a bit of fun testing out my Soviet Tank Battalion for the upcoming Bagration campaign....

  2. It was cool sitting down painting with the other..not like at home painting by yourself.Im almost done with the all the firestorm unit already.I might change my setup to motor battalion intead of the 8th battalion. Why.. coz i want them SU-100... tigers.. what tiger..hihii. Still have more to finish before the campaign begin. Should make it on time. Most important of all, i hope i can make it to legio during the campaign.. i pray there would be no distraction during the campaign.

  3. Just a words to those people who plays BFG and Armada. If its no trouble for you guys to post up some batrep on the wargames malaysia site would be cool. Helps to keep the game alive. Post your a pic of your fleet up on the BFG section(nahri, zaki, Mark & the rest.. i will most mine soon. Thanks Guys.

  4. wow, awesome! I'm definitely there this week!

  5. Nice recap! Thanks for doing the weekly recap Iqbal.

  6. Nice recap again :) Craps that i missed it. But i won't this week :)

    Now what should i bring this Dust of course hehe!!!

  7. I'm bringing my camera again next week, hahaha :D

  8. thanks for the kind words. i will hope to keep the momentum going. i will try to show up next week with a few more suprises. :)

  9. Yip-in the words of the wise jedi Rizal Darktempler 'there is no or not do....hahahaha'.

    Wise words indeed ;) Just do it!!!

  10. Awesome recap, Iqbal. It helps people like me who are far away and wondering what is going on there.

  11. Aahh.. So lively.. reminds me to the good old days. Way to go Legio!!

    @Yip : you are a serious contender. Those models are sweet.


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