Thursday, April 19, 2012

Legio Hobby Night. RSVP here.

It's that time of the week again.  
Upfront and center! 
Sign up on the spaces provided below to tell us you'll be making it to another hobby night filled with fun and mayhem. 


  1. I'm currently down with the Siegness (sickness).

    But it is no excuse for me to miss hobby night.

    I will be there.

  2. Hello, will be dropping by tomorrow. (As is Mark Smith) Cheers

  3. Want to check out Dust Tactics! So be there. I bring a 40K army just incase anyone in for a game.

  4. i'll be there with Firestorm Armada

  5. woot, Peter's coming!

    Initially, me & Goh planned to have another follow-up Sculpting session this week but Goh just informed me that he gotta go outstation till the next 2-3 weeks..

    So, I'll just bring the WIP FoW stuff along with a Psyfleman too..

  6. executor, please give your name since am not familiar with your nick. If that's you Peter...than its been awhile. Welcome back.

  7. I'll be coming to get started on painting my Cossacks

  8. @Khairul - Yup...its me. Work has been most pressing. The beautiful BFG table gave me that extra push to return from the warp :D


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