Thursday, April 5, 2012

Warp Breach Alert, RSVP yourselves!

Major psychic interference has been reported in the Glenmarie Sector. Many astropaths have been attempting to contact their brethren but failed. To make matters worse, multiple warp signatures have been detected. Could this be a signal of an impending assault by the foul Eulikules and his allies, or could this be something else altogether?

The time has come for another Legio Malaysia Hobby Night, and you definitely wouldn't want to miss the fun. Come and join us, the session will start at 6pm. Don't forget to RSVP yourself, and just make sure you bring a psychic hood along :D


  1. i will be making my way there tomorrow. Will bring my SW along.

  2. Aiseh, first time see Syamael so confident!

    I'll be there with my Blood Angels.

  3. @Alvin- I know. Syamael, I hope this continues in the future!! ;)

  4. Will pack stuff to paint tomolo nite=) Should arrive around 0800-0830PM.

  5. Cool Limp. Bring yr army too. We can have a game?

    Btw anyone knows what william hills are asking for ;)

    1. Rokie dokie.. then I will pack my CSM too..

      Err... what (who) william hills?

  6. Hey guys, I was just thinking...I have a ton of starships (Imperial Navy and Space Marine) for Battlefleet Gothic....which sadly I have never actually used for battle. Have been mulling about doing a nice campaign involving elements of Battlefleet Gothic, normal 40k and Apocalyspe....being the megalomaniac that I am, I was thinking of pitting the True Sons of the Emperor (and friends) against everyone else. Something along the line of an Invasion Battlefleet by the True Sons of the Emperor. Objective is to land the troops on a world for an inavsion. Of course to give the misguided Imperials a chance, they can try to knock out as many transport ships as possible from the battlefleet to lessen the Invasion Force. I thought that would be cool. What do u guys think?

  7. Sounds cool :) Would be even cooler if you organized this ;)

    Drop by hobby night and we can discuss it.

  8. Finally some speaks of BFG.. count me in if BFG is involved.


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