Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hobby Night 08/06/12

Legio Malaysia's 4th Birthday Bash is just three weeks away and we're organizing Kindred III and Golden Kris 2012 on the same day. It doesn't matter whether you're participating or not, do join us for our annual event. You definitely do not want to miss it.
(P/S: To K3 participants who have yet to pay the registration fee, please do so as soon as possible to confirm your participation. We need to make the necessary arrangements .)

Back to the Firestorm: Bagration campaign, the threat of Gulag cell proved to be an effective stimulant for the field commissars. Assault was continued on the weakened northern defenses and significant progress were made.

Turn 4 was a turn of mayhem and Soviet aggression, as a large portion of the German army were forced to defend. By end of turn four, this was how the map looked like.

Don't you guys agree that by now, the map was too cluttered and a bit difficult to identify each side's territories. In that case, take a look at the simplified version below.

The areas in red are the Soviets' territories, while the others belong to the Germans. As we can all see, while the northern advancement from the north is fantastic, things aren't looking too well back home for the Soviets. The fearless Panzergrenadier force has paved the way for a German counterattack. Furthermore, if the Soviets choose to ignore these little encroachments by the German, they might have their supply lines completely severed. Remember, there are still two more turns before the campaign ends.

Dilemma will be the theme for Turn 5. Stay tune for the next edition of Hobby Night recap, or better yet, do join us during the session itself.

As for Warmachine/Horde gang, some of the players are planning something interesting too, and it'd be cool if it was materialized. Lets see what are they up to as the plan slowly unfolds.

Till next week, Ave Legio!


  1. It looks like my fellow colleagues of the German army has made some progress! Cut off the Soviet bear's head!

    1. Actually we took some pretty severe beatings :P Think only Tan managed to hold the line as the rest of us were trounced by swarms of Red Army tanks.

      Heck, my dice rolls were so bad that I sent them all off to the camps and got myself some shiny new Das Reich d6s to roll for next week.

      Yet am very pleased with our superior strategy which has by and large held the red bear at bay. Unless those commies start taking our cities, we'll likely be able to secure ultimate victory for the fuhrer.

    2. 5PD will return to the front this Friday. Let's kick some red butt

  2. Always a pleasure reading Vuel's updates in Legio's blog.

  3. K3 'poster' looks awesome! Who drew it?

    Looking forward to seeing pictures of the Golden Kris competition.

    Just got a Garmin GPS the other day ... tried keying in Battlefront Miniatures but it was not listed. However, Schneider Electric Malaysia was. Thats just next door right?

    1. Those guys are right across the street, so those directions will get you here no problem

  4. Nice recap! Had a great, fun game with Mark

  5. Miss all the fun. I will definately be there this friday. Learn alot from tan.. it time to make use of that knowlegde on the battlefield


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