Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hobby Night 22/6/2012 RSVP

A few things will be happening tomorrow night.

1. Legio Tank Aces campaign.
This week marks the beginning of this campaign. It will run for 3 weeks ending on 5th July. If you want in-depth detail on how the campaign works then you'll need to get the Bloods, Guts & Glory book. Or you can check here for the design notes.

Some details for those interested to join.
- LW German vs American tank or tank destroyer company only.
- 500 points for the first campaign turn.
- fully painted and WYSIWYG of course.
- download your Tank Aces Company here.
please fill in this sheet and bring it tomorrow.

You'll be playing on these 4x4 tables ;)

It's gonna fast and it's gonna be brutal!!
2. Operation Bagration post briefing.
There'll be a very simple and small ceremony where we celebrate those who helped paint firestorm troops and those who managed to get in the required minimum number of games.
Roll call as follows;
Firestorm painters
1. Jeff
2. Shukor
3. Pura
4. Alvin
5. Iqbal
6. Syameal
Gitty veterans
1. Tan
2. Nahri
3. Chang
4. Azlan

3. Plus there's sure to be some Warmachine goodness. Let's hope we also see some 40K action too.

Cheers guys.


  1. I'll be there after dinner. Will be bringing 5PD and some of the EW 5PD stuff

  2. Sounds like a hoot- I'll be there! Got Shermans to paint tonight... :O

  3. Will be there with the panzers

  4. i will be there to. Will bring my Soviet... if i can get a game.

  5. Looks like I can't make it. Having some problems with transportation tonight.

  6. I will be there but also need to leave early tonight.

  7. I will be coming

  8. How many points are you guys playing for the Tank Aces or how many tanks per side?


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