Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hobby Night 15/06/12

It was an awesome Hobby Night, with 23 wargamers in attendance. A lot of hobbying goodness took place, but the highlight of the day will certainly be the Flames of War Firestorm: Bagration campaign.With only two turns left in the campaign, the Soviets were desperate to gain significant grounds. This was how the battlefield looked like.

As you can see, four attacks by the Soviets, all on vital German positions.

The Germans managed to retain Minsk but lost Orsha. On the other fronts however, things were looking bright...for the Germans! Pictured below are the battle and schematic maps on how Turn 5 ended.

The Soviet forces were divided into three segments, and their supply lines had been severely intercepted. Since there were no other way for the Soviets to score more points on Turn 6, it was mutually accepted by players from both sides that the campaign ends that night. So folks, history has definitely been re-written. Glory for the Third Reich!

Congrats to all the German players. A well played campaign. Kudos to the Soviets players who tried but just couldn't overcome the might of the third reich.

Well done to everyone for having a fully painted army for the campaign. For those who played more than four games, do drop by this hobby night ;)


That's not the only thing happening during Hobby Night. There was a Flames of War tutorial game and multiple Warmachine/Horde skirmishes that took place.

As mentioned earlier by Khairul, the 4th Legio Malaysia Birthday Bash (Kindred III and Golden Kris 2012) has been postponed to July 14th due to unforeseen circumstances. On the bright side, that means an additional two weeks for all of you to prepare your models for the event. Perhaps, those who were unable to attend on the initial date can now join the fun too.

We are also planning a Flames of War Tank Aces mini-campaign (US & Germans only) starting next week, and a Flames of War Early War Campaign (German-French-British) after Raya holidays. Come and join us!

Till next week, Ave Legio!


  1. Congrats everyone. A truly fun campaign to play!! I actually managed to paint two 1500 army for this one; a german panzerspah and a soviet tankovy.

    Looking forward to tank aces this Friday night :)

    1. even though you're a Verräter, painting two 1500pts army is an achievement on itself. Congrats bro!

      speaking of games played, I attended all Turns but only managed to get 3 tabletop games in. The rest are the General Wargames (since I'm also the zweiter Befehlshaber).

  2. You are an animal. Kudos to Jeff, Khairul, Iqbal for running a truly excellent campaign! Can't wait for France 1940. I've just finished painting my PzIII platoon, such is the fervor! Also, I must add I really like the after-action post. The pics are nice. I like the Warmachine pics you posted. Hmmm, hankering for 28mm?

    1. Bro, the credits are all Jeff's and Khairul's. I'm just helping out.

      By the way, is everybody on the German side doing a PzIII army? Foreseeing ourselves being creamed by the French anti-tanks.

    2. There'll be Panzer III's in mine, but also a lot of other surprises. Worry not Herr Iqbal, the French anti-tanks will simply give the croissant eaters a fighting chance! :P

      By the way, is everyone doing 1500 or 2000 pts? I kinda got carried away and ordered 2000 points of stuff...

    3. No, I'm fielding a light panzer company. Mostly PzII and PzI. I got one platoon of PzIII (3 tanks), some pionier, some panzerschutzen, 88s, Stukas - depending on size of game. 1750 -2000 pts.

  3. Did I hear an early war(German-french-british) after Raya?
    That would be great...if everything goes according to plan, I maybe able to join.

  4. Ya man, would love to see your Brit dudes amongst the BEF

  5. An awesome campaign that was. Only wish the soviet did better last week i would have love to play a 4th game this week. Well no 4th game for me then. But special thank to jeff, khairul and those involved that made the campaign a superb one... When is the next one.. :)

  6. Yup cheers to Khairul, Iqbal and Jeff for setting the campaign up. Ain't a better way to be introduced to the game than this and the battles were a blast. Very much looking forward to the invasion of France!

  7. 'croissant eaters' - lol!!

    Just you wait for the tea (just a spot o milk) drinking unflappable vets. Our guns will make you tremble!!

    Anyway, thanks guys. But a campaign is nothing without the players. You guys deserve as much credit for participating and making it an enjoyable experience.
    Btw, ss collar tabs will be old news for the next campaign so find something more original...plus it was my idea :P


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