Monday, June 25, 2012

Hobby Night 22/06/12

Last Hobby Night was originally slotted for Turn 6 of the Firestorm: Bagration campaign. Since the campaign ended victoriously for the Germans on Turn 5, the campaign organizers had something else in mind, which will revolutionize the standard of Legio Malaysia's future campaigns. Behold!

Picture Courtesy of Shukur @ Wolfen Lair
The medal above were received by most of the Bagration campaign participants. The medal color, the star, and the stripe; each has its own meaning. Of course, by simply participating in one or two games during campaign will not suffice as there are certain minimum requirements to receive this glorious medal. This will be the new standard to be used by us in our future campaigns. Pictured below are the first recipients of these glorious medals. There were four other wargamers (Azlan, Chang, Alvin, Syamael) that had met the requirements to receive these medals too, but they weren't able to attend last Hobby Night. To those guys mentioned above, please come next week to receive your honours.

L (Russians) to R (Germans): Pura, Shukur, Jeff, Khairul, Iqbal, Nahri, Tan
Last Hobby Night also kickstarted the Tank Aces mini campaign, and it will be managed by both Nahri and Iqbal. It's a crossover between skirmish games and role-playing games, and best of all, only tanks are allowed.

For this very first installment, we're adhering strictly to the rules as defined in the all-new Blood, Guts & Glory book. So, here are some campaign features:

1. Only Late War American and German lists are allowed (yes, any list from the Late War books)
2. Only tanks and anti-tank vehicles are allowed (it's Tank Aces, duh)
3. Create a cool name for your Ace!
4. Turn 1 will be a max of 500 points, followed by 750pts for Turn 2, and 900pts for Turn 3 (yes, it's somewhat similar to an escalation league)
5. Each game consists of 6-9 turns, which is somewhere between 20-50 minutes per game.
6. For each tank your Ace destroys, he'll get an upgrade skill. The more tanks he destroy, the more skillful he'll be!
7. An easy setting for new players to learn this game (we have some spare tanks to lend, but do treat them with respect, ok).
8. There's only one mission: destroy your opponents' tanks. (Survival of the Fittest!)
9. There are no limits on how many games you're allowed to play per turn. Just make sure you don't play the same opponent during the same turn.

Turn 1 has begun last week, and it'll be going on for two weeks. These are some snapshots of what has transpired during Turn 1.

Interested? Do join us on the next Hobby Night, we'll guide you on how to join this simple mini-campaign. Although, it'd be better if you download the Tank Aces record sheet beforehand.

Till then, Ave Legio!


  1. Nice write up as always bro :)

    Hauptman Blitz....i've got your number!!!

  2. Tank Ace looks hawt!!! Whose Shermans are those? niiiice! And those Bagration medals!!!! dude!!!!!

    1. I believe those are Jeff's Shermans.

    2. I'm pretty sure those are Khairul's Shermans. I'm not playing in Tank Aces this time around

    3. Think those are Shukor's actually... Yep.. I remember blowing up ol' No One in that tank with the blue ribbon at the back...

  3. For some reason my posts keep disappearing from the blog.. anyone else have that problem/ know why it happens?

    Anyway, YES! Feel free to call my number you yankeedoodles! You shall receive a free round from my 8.8cm Pak 43 in return!

    1. We had that once in a while, and we don't know why it happens. Perhaps a bug at the itself.

  4. would be nice to have a game tomorrow. But may need to borrow mark sherman.


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