Saturday, June 16, 2012

Golden Kris 2012 & Kindred 3 Re-scheduled

Due to unexpected production requirements at the Battlefront facility, these 2 events will have to be rescheduled to Saturday, 14th July 2012.

We regret all inconvenience caused and hope that everyone will understand that Legio Malaysia, as a gaming club,  has been very lucky in getting to use this space for past and future events at zero cost. Unfortunately, business requirement must take priority for the next 3 weeks.



  1. Postpone another three week laa.
    Make sure all the work is properly done in Battlefront before K3 and Golden Kris takes place.

    If it is on the 2nd week of August...I also can attend maa.

  2. Guys a question, for the Early War FoW campaign, how strict are we going to be with whether a Panzer III is the specific type E, G, H etc model?

    I ask because am currently sourcing for my models, and getting Early War stuff is proving quite challenging. For example Panzer III E's seem to be sold out everywhere, and Panzer III E's are the only Panzer III's in Blitzkrieg.

    So would it be okay to use Panzer III G's and H's for example as Panzer III E's, as they are a lot easier to source and stat wise are the same if not similar. (In fact, only discernible difference between the E and the G seems to be aesthetic design of turret. Otherwise same gun etc. To be clear what I'm proposing is to play proxy from one Panzer III variant to the other, not to bring in Panzer III G and H rules into Blitzkrieg.

    Appreciate your thoughts on this, cheers!

  3. If you really really can't source a PzIIIE, I suppose you can convert a PzIIIG into an E. The most obvious difference visually is the stowage bin on the turret behind the commander's cupola. You remove that from your PzIIIG, and it comes quite close to the E. There are some other differences in the main gun mounting - also, the fact that the PzIIIE has a twin co-ax MG in the turret. I haven't seen the IIIG model, but some PzIIIG,H have added space armor in the front of the driver and hull gunner. Also, make sure that the hull MG housing is square-shaped, not rounded. Hope this helps. Anyways, you won't need many PzIII - they are bloody expensive in Blitzkrieg! Have you considered going for Pz38(t)instead? Those are excellent tanks, and you get to play 7th Panzer!

  4. Yea that's an idea, though am feeling quiet loathe to carve up me tanks that way.. :(

    Yup, Pz38(t)'s are awesome... but also out of stock :(

    Actually that leads up to an obvious question, apart from Maelstrom and Wayland, does anyone have suggestions for dependable alternative FoW sources?


    1. err...the official Flames of War online store?

  5. Hauptman Nahri- you can make the PzIIIE from the G blister. The ammo stowage bin mentioned by Azlan is actually a metal bit that you need to glue to the back of the turret.

    So just don't glue it and you'll have an E. Blue tack it later and you get a G ;)

    Btw how many games did you play in the Bagration campaign?

  6. Sooo ka.. Okay that's very useful to know!
    That means that my Early War list is now essentially sorted, wohoo!:P

    5 games for Bagration, couldn't make it for the first week unfortunately. :(

    1. Sorry actually that aught to be 4 games for Bagration, forgot week 6 didn't happen.

  7. I think there might be a lack in communications. lucky I went to Hobby Forge today and learnt it from Alvin that it was postponed.

    Perhaps you guys can email participants next time? Cheers.


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