Thursday, June 5, 2008

...and so are the tournament shirts!

Yes indeed, if you've registered for the Singapore 40K tournament coming up this weekend and you live in this area, we have a shirt for you! There is no cost to the tournament players for this shirt, and the shirts have nothing to do with Legio membership specifically. Spunkybass and I simply wanted to sponsor all of the Malaysians heading down to Singapore, so they show up looking cool, and more importantly looking like a team. I think there may have been 1 or 2 people who registered at the last minute that we may not have a shirt for. However, two people (besides myself) bailed at the last minute, so those shirts are potentially available if the sizes are right for you.

Regardless, try and make it out to Hobby Night tomorrow and grab your shirt. Any shirts not picked up will be left with Spunkybass to distribute at the tournament site. Most of all, good luck to Team Malaysia!


  1. ave legio malaysia! good luck guys!

  2. Wooo good luck guys. Wish I could have joined :D

  3. Ya, would have been great if you could come along ... nvrmind, you can still join the Legio RTT Nov 1


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