Saturday, June 14, 2008

My best hobby night

What a cool night!

Not only was overall attendance close to 20 souls, we also signed up another member. "Doc" Selvam snatched the last set of Legio dice from me, but fear not, more are on the way from our supplier. We had some great 40K gaming as per norm, but Doc and Iz also cracked out their Warhammer armies and duked it out.

As for me, I had an awesome hobby night. I came up with the final color scheme I'm going to use for my Death Korps of Krieg army. I'm really happy about that! I also got a chance to use the new Citadel Washes, which are very nice. I also managed to assemble, putty, prime, AND paint the newest addition to my Vampire Counts army, a Varghulf. Next week, if anyone is interested in a game of Warhammer, I'll have my army there...

Don't forget that next week is the monthly club meeting folks, so if you're a member (or want to join), please be sure to show up if at all possible. Among other things the biggest topic of discussion will be the formation of the NOv 1 40K RTT Hobby Team.

Ave Legio!


  1. Them washes work amazing with the foundation paints ... totally efficient way to play

  2. Just wanna say i cant make it to the meeting this week. Have to go to Kelantan.

    Cheers to all.


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