Friday, June 13, 2008

MOATAB - Mother of All Tank Battles

For miles afield, the ground trembled as the air filled with the thunderous rumble of massed armor grinding incessantly forwards to do battle. In the hot and sweaty confines of the more primitive Imperial tanks, crew made ready for battle, readying shell and ordnance, checking energy, weapons and drive systems, shouting to hear themselves above the din of roaring engines.

On 28th June 2008, at precisely 1200 hours, mighty armoured forces will clash at the Legio. The Mother of All Tank Battles is loosely based on Warhammer 40k Apocalypse rules with the following Legio Event Rules:

Tank Ace:
The tank that scores the most number of kills (enemy vehicle destroyed) AND survives the battle, will win the Legio Malaysia Tank Ace Honorifica. Note that only one individual tank will win the Honorifica. You can bring and play as many tanks as you wish (in fact, the more the better), but only 1 tank will win the Honorifica. Super-heavies or any vehicle with structure points will not qualify for the Honorifica if they lose even 1 structure point.

Who Can Play:
Anybody who turns up with Eligible Models. This is a Legio Monthly Event, so you do not have to be a member to participate.

What Models Can Play:
Any model with an AV value and no W value. Chimera, Dreadnoughts, Wave Serpents, Baneblades, Titans, etc. EXCEPTION: Tyranid players may use Monstrous Creatures or larger creatures. All models must be painted as per typical tournament rules (3 colors, etc.).

As per Apocalypse rules, except both sides deploy simultaneously to save time. Players will be given a time limit to deploy. Models not deployed at the end of the time limit will not enter battle. There will be no reserves in this battle.

Apocalypse Strategic Assets/Cards:
MOATAB will not be using any Apocalypse Strategic Assets. As you can see, we are keeping this as simple as possible to ensure maximum carnage.

There will be 5 objectives – all in no man’s land. And trust me, you’d want to capture these …


  1. Awesome, I'm hyped about joining this even with only 2-3 models available. I can imagine the chaos of the first shooting phase lol.

  2. I'm Blood Angels through and through. I'll use my Dreads to satisfy my CC addiction.

    Can we use custom datasheets to play? Like Land Raider company or even *shudders* the baneblade company?

  3. Absolutely. You can use the Data Sheets from the Apocalypse book, Imperial Armor Apocalypse and the GW Apocalypse website.

  4. Oh yes, there will be destruction and mayhem on the 28th... :)

  5. Dang. Cant use the dreadnought squadron datasheet.. needs a techmarine... T_T

  6. Flyers are playable too, correct?

  7. Ah, no I'm afriad we're restricting this particular mega battle to stuff on the ground. I'm sure our future "standard" mega battles will certainly allow flyers and any other mayhem you guys can conjure up :)

  8. Hehe that sounds like an invitation to make orbital Death Star clones :D

  9. but we can use drop pods right

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