Friday, June 27, 2008

Event Update: MOATaB

Hey folks!

For those of you planning to attend the MOATaB with your Flames of War tanks (if any), we have decided for our first event to limit the scope this time to 40K. So, there will NOT be a Flames of War tank battle happening on Saturday.

Instead, we have begun planning "Kursk II", a massive "what if" tank battle that will be exclusively for Flames of War participants. Once we get the particulars nailed down, we'll let you know when this will be held. Also, keep your eyes open for our announcement on the first Flames of War League we'll be running shortly. It'll be a blast, and a great way to get games in and see how you rank up with the rest of the Legion.

Sorry if this spoils plans for any of you, but we wanted to make sure any event we do, we do right. We look forward to seeing 40K tank fans tomorrow at noon for the Mother of All Tank Battles- MOATaB!!!

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  1. good luck to all of u!!!!!!!!!!!


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