Monday, June 23, 2008

Black Coach + Hobby Night = Good Times

Howdy folks!

For those of you who missed it, we had a fantastic hobby night Friday with excellent turnout and lots of gaming to be had. We also held our 2nd club meeting, and worked out a bunch of cool stuff including some hobby teams and what we're going for our July 26th main event. Stay tuned for details on what "Iron Painter" is all about. For now, all I'll say is that the Iron Painter competition is an AWESOME way to get that pesky army completed that you never seem to find time to paint...

I played my first Warhammer game in Malaysia against Iz, and we had a blast. Not only was it my first Warhammer game here, it was also my first game using the new version of the Vampire Counts army book. I really liked the new Black Coach rules, and the Varghulf (Otto von Carstein in my army) was also a great addition. I've ordered more Wraiths so I can field the new skirmishing unit in the book. Good stuff, and a great game. Iz's Orcs and Goblins list was a fun army to play against, and only some luck with the Giant prevented the Vampires from a potential defeat. Thanks Iz!


  1. And it was fun!That is some awesome tricks with the coach. Your magic really supported your army, especially the necromancy spells that can be cast again and again. How about another bout? this time with my empire army? Its basically the list i used against doc last time with the exception that i've included a dogs of war giant (must be cousin to the one run over by the coach)

  2. your giant was run over by the black coach??! wow, that is something we dont see everyday. wait till i got my hands on the new DE. Then I can join you guys heheh..

  3. Well, the Black Coack had help from a unit of Spirit Host :) But, when you roll an 11 for your Break test, being Stubborn doesn't help...

    That was bad luck, not any kind of gaming skill on my part lol

  4. ordered my DE spearhead from Richard today. Will receive on the 3rd week of July. Hell yeah!!

  5. Sweet! I can't wait to see those models, and play a game against the new Dark Elves. After, of course, I play against Iz's Empire army... war machines...ouch


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