Thursday, July 17, 2008

At last, member shirts have arrived...

That's right, we finally got these delivered today, just in time for tomorrow's hobby night AND Legion Meeting. So, all members have TWO killer reasons for showing up tomorrow night...

I'll be building my 2nd SS Flames of War army for Iron Painter. What are the rest of you hobby nutters doing?


  1. awesome! Now to get my ass back to the Legio and get my hands on them shirts!

  2. oh yeah, tonite I'll be painting some more of my Brits. About 30% done on 2nd platoon

  3. Dude, you and me are getting some mighty FoW action on the table top when you get back! My SS will be waiting...

  4. And the Stratclydeshires will send Jerry all the way back to Berlin!


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