Wednesday, July 2, 2008

"Houston, we have blue foam."

That's right folks, we finally managed to get a decent quantity of blue foam together for a table or two. Our first project is to produce a test table for the 40K RTT on November 1st. Hobby Team members, please keep your eyes peeled to the events calendar for our terrain session dates and times.

Also, this coming Friday we'll hold a meeting with the RTT Hobby Team members, and discuss where we're at now, and what needs to be done. Please attend if at all possible.



  1. Talking about terrain, we need to get busy on scatter terrain. 5th ed has no area terrain, everything is true LOS. So, unless woods are solid impassable patches, you can see thru what today passes off as area terrain. Vehicles are toast. I'll need to get busy on buildings too.

  2. Imho the physical terrain that blocks LoS is not too hard to make. With the theme that we have planned, I can foresee it won't be too hard to make wall like terrain that can also be mobile / movable.


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