Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Paint an entire army in 24 hours!

The ultimate army painting challenge - you have from noon Saturday to noon Sunday to paint a 1000 point, 30 model/stand minimum Flames of War, Warhammer, or Warhammer 40,000 standard legal army.

You may show up with your army assembled and primed. RM25 fee (RM20 for Legio members) includes attendance, pizza dinner, and coffee throughout the night. Even though there can be only one winner, EVERYONE who successfully completes the Iron Painter will be getting something special.

Iron Painter is like running a marathon- finishing is a feat unto itself! Sign up during Hobby Night, or click the email link on the top-right to register. Space is limited!

Do YOU have what it takes?

When: Sat, Jul 26, 12pm – Sun, Jul 27, 12pm
Where: Battlefront Miniatures Malaysia


  1. So, what's everyone bringing? I'm seriously considering a German Flames of War force, or maybe doing a 1000 points of Orks for 40K. How about the rest of you?

  2. I need to convert and buy a few more orks to reach my 1k point ork list... Yes, this Iron Painter event will see the birth of my Ork army which I have been procrastinating for so long! Its not easy painting so many models! >o<

  3. Since im painting orks which has a LOT of models, I better get something better than the dude painting 25 terminators! Q___Q

  4. Number of models is a factor, certainly, when determining the winner. Armies with fewer models will have their painting scrutinized more closely. 30 Terminators properly painted would not be easy...

  5. I'm bringing my 40k orks too! looks like we'll have a green party then...hur..hur. I think there'll be more than 50 models though (sigh) whatever, at least i'll get the army painted sooner than later...Waargh!


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