Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hobby in Plano, TX - Part 2

Went back to Hobbytown after work. Wednesday nights is like Games Night and there were about 14-15 guys and a gal there. There were a lot of 500pt 40k action going on. Quite interesting to watch totally different styles of play.

I watched a tiny BA army take on an equally tiny EC army. The BA got shredded to pieces by Slaaneshi firepower. By turn 3, only 3 DC and an attack bike were all that's left of the army. Another interesting game was IG vs Orks ... needless to say it was the largest game of the night. They rolled Annihilation, and the Orks won quite easily (ok, their losses were horrendous, but hey, they can't be beat). Btw, the Ork player showed me his WIP Looted Vehicle - an enslaved Carnifex, chained and reined and herded by little Grots, all on nicely modeled MDF base.

There were also some other gaming action going on. I saw a 1,500pt Death Guard vs Chaos Daemons game, which was quite brutal. The Daemons fielded 2 packs of flamers, and they were just eating up the Death Guard with their 3 templates per turn. The flamers were eventually butchered but they are deadly. There was also a 2-a-side game, with some nice Eldar. And one table had some Warmachine action.

Since I didn't have my army with me, I just grabbed another Attack Bike.


  1. Dude- awesome "on the road" chronicle! Keep up the news feed, and keep painting those Brits!

  2. Thanks. Hey, what was the name of the makan place i should check out again?


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