Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hobby in Fort Worth TX - Part 4

Not much updates this time round. Been real busy at work, but managed to get some painting done. Behold, 2nd platoon is now ready for action, and so is the company's machine-gun platoon. I'm very pleased with myself for keeping to the paint schedule. Was going to post pics, but my camera phone just don't cut it. I was tempted to break out the Ravenwing models I bought, but resisted the temptation and will be working on the M-10s next.

One thing I did not update last week was that I got to watch the tail-end of some league games. Pretty cool. The fights were fierce, but quite fair, and mostly loads of fun. I did notice that some people were not too clear on the rules. Sometimes I bother correcting them, sometimes I don't - depends on whether they are having fun or just plain competing. But all in all, yet another interesting example of watching different play styles and different ways of playing the armies. There was this IG army that had a couple of sniper squads. Not only do they look good, they are pretty effective too. And I saw how spamming Khorne Berzerkers in Rhinos can get pretty scary for the opponent. I'm sure our very own Lord Akkarrin can relate.

On another note, I've been slightly distracted with the HBO mini-series Generation Kill. Is it running back home? Real excellent stuff. Go catch it if you can.

This weekend I'll be deciding whether I should get the Imperial Sector building box set or not. Let me think it over.


  1. Dude, you are the man keeping your Flames of War painting project going. Saleem has actually started his Soviet Tankovy force, and I'm wailing away at my Panzer Lehr stuff.

    And yes, get the Imperial Sector! :)

  2. I swapped the M10s for the 6pdr ATG platoon. Done. M10s should be finished by tonight. And the 3rd and final platoon of the infantry company is primed and ready. If I finish that by end of next week, I have all of the week after that to finish my 25pdr battery, which would complete my 1500pt force.


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